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Princess's Quest: Weird and Funny Roleplaying Thread.

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Artist -

In this game, you play as pony or dragon or anything and act like whatever you want to be.
Why is this roleplaying weird and funny? Because you can do everything you want to be and doing! .You can sleep, run, hug, cut trees, sit, kill, or etc.
There’s no bound on talking or acting, but it isn’t involving into an extreme explicit content (you can talk dirty, but not do explicit acts, like fucking or shitting)
The characters are free and depending on your desires
But if you won’t to make it, i have 7 characters that you can use it for this roleplay. However, after you choose it, anyone can’t select your character again
The characters are listed on below:
  • Athena Heartburn (Unicorn)
  • Roy Skyframe (Pegasus)
  • Diana Starfalls (Unicorn)
  • Selena Rainforest (Earth Pony)
  • Molly Grassdale (Griffon)
  • Ethan Holloweyes (Dragon)
  • Halton Snowcloud (Peryton / Winged Deer)
So, that’s how you play this roleplay. Hope you can enjoy it :)
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