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A shot in the dark. You don’t know where you are, but at this point, you realize you’re unconscious, swimming through a mad sea of dreams. The only thing you can vaguely remember is the number 6. You want to know why. You want to know when. When you will wake.
A beam of light sneaks in and disperses the storm. At first, you flinch, but the bloom subsides and reveals an island shore. You don’t know where you are, but at this point, you realize you are not unconscious. The bout of cognizance hits you like a brick.
What should I do? What should I do? Will I ever make it back?Could I survive?
To answer your first question, you must survive. This is crucial. You only have three chances to evade death, but after that, you are on your own. You must also explore. This is also crucial. Get to know the area. Find others who might have fallen for the same trap. Seek out important information, and find out more about this island and why you are here.
You can’t escape the island.
The only hope you have is to survive.
But to help you all, here’s a map of the island:
- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0  
1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ b ~ ~  
2 ~ ~ ~ b b b b ~ ~ ~  
3 ~ ~ b b f f b b ~ ~  
4 ~ b f f w w f ~ ~ ~  
5 ~ ~ b b f M f f b ~  
6 ~ ~ b f M w f b ~ ~  
7 ~ b b b f f f b ~ ~  
8 b ~ ~ b f f b ~ ~ ~  
9 b ~ M ~ b f ~ ~ ~ ~  
0 ~ b ~ ~ ~ ~ b ~ ~ ~
If you choose to join, you choose either to roleplay as an OC or main character (OCs are heavily recommended to help prevent confusion and fighting), or be an overseer. I will need three overseers, who will know the details of the plot and the rules of the game, and they will monitor for activity if I am unavailable or if this roleplay actually becomes popular and crowded enough.  
If you die, you are dead and cannot come back unless you make a new character. We will keep track of when people die or have evaded death, so you cannot lie about it.  
When starting out, you must choose your character (post a picture if necessary). If the character is a canon character and is already taken, we will inform you to pick a new one. Also, upon starting out, use the map and list the coordinates of your starting location. Your starting location must be a beach to help fit in with the story.  
No NSFW content. While you can come into contact with other ponies on the island and you can work together and ship your OCs (any type of relationship is okay: gay, straight, and bi are all allowed, but no shipping with canon characters), please do not commit any NSFW acts such as mutilation, killing, or sexual acts, both solitary and with a partner. Acts of bigotry based on human features (race, culture, gender, orientation, etc.) are also not permitted. (Equestrian prejudices are completely okay as it helps add a sense of immersion) If anyone sees any NSFW activities going on, notify me or the overseers and we will have them killed and banned if there are multiple offenses.  
Traveling time between coordinates is thirty minutes. You must wait before you can move again. This is to prevent people from jumping willy-nilly to any location they can find. These are also not stackable, so you can’t wait a whole day and start skipping about the island. Also, this should be obvious, but when moving from square to square, only go to the ones next to you. There is no fast travel in this roleplay.  
When roleplaying, think of what your character will be like. What are they like, what race are they, do they hold any grudges, what’s their talent, and what was the last thing they remember besides the number 6? I’ll leave it all up to you…  
When speaking out of character, please indicate it with a superscript to help differentiate between normal dialogue and OOC dialogue.  
Phrases can be hidden with spoilers to indicate thoughts or secrets. Only notified individuals, myself, and the overseers can see what the message says.  
• And most of all, have fun. Get creative. Use your noggin. Your first priority is your own survival (which could change later on…), so think of how would you survive. Will you cooperate with other ponies, start a rivalry with a government, or just be a loner? Your choice. And these choices will affect everything.
Hope you all enjoy this.
Also, you can’t burn down the forest. I don’t know how, but let’s just say Twilight did it and leave it at that.
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(What pony races are accepted?)
(Also, they can’t move coordinates for thirty minutes, but they can move around in the one they are at, right?)
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