HumanCon 2014 [SFW please]


Ponies of all kinds that share a common fandom of humans gather once a year for the annual HumanCon! Walking around you see many ponies of all kinds cosplaying as their favourite Humans. Not into dressing up? That’s fine! Feel free to snap a photo of or with a really cool-looking cosplayer! Find out your favourite Human is here in the flesh?! Get in that long (but worth it) line for a panel to meet your favourite Human, get their signature, ask questions, and maybe even snap a picture?
And let’s not forget the Dealer’s Room. But your favourite merchandise from Human shows and movies! Dine in the mall connected to the convention center.
A sneak peak preview of the next season of “My Little Human” will be given in the same room as some of the most beloved actors!
There’s really so much to do this year, at HumanCon 2014!

So, this is an idea I came up with. I’m not concerned about character sheets, as this is casual, so just be your pony OC! Feel free to say a little something about them, but a full-on sheet is not required. :) Usual format goes, and yes, you can be multiple ponies/people. I haven’t given much thought as to who the “famous humans” will be, as I don’t know many. But hey, if you want to be Tom Cruise then gopher it. Meant as a casual silly, fun, roleplay, so I’m not meaning for this to be taken very seriously. Just have fun! :) I will start off. My character’s name isn’t Jubei, just a nickname :)

Jubei: As she approached the doors signaling the entry of the con, Jubei was ecstatic. Though she’d been in line for roughly an hour, she knew very well that it would soon pay off. Her badge hung proudly around her neck, and she looked around eagerly at everypony, admiring their costumes. Looking down at her own, JJ knew her Nicki Minaj cosplay was far from the best; but she put her heart into it.
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