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__Sunny Starscout__: I just want you to know that I am a big fan! When I was a foal, my father told me stories of you! Of the legends of Equestria's past!

__Professor__: My old man told me you once tried to court with the Element of Generosity!! Did you manage to---you know---*raise some interesting heirs??*

Spike__: Legend, huh? I don't know about that. Seriously, I don't know about that. My memory is a little foggy after all these centuries of magical hibernation.

__Deputy Mare__: YEP, time can be a ol' cruel mistress when it come to bogglin' the mind. Happened to my great-grandpappy as well, but for you---I bet it was probably 1000 times as worse for you!

__Spike__: What moon is this?

__Professor__: Let's see....ummmm...oh shoot, my Fly-Watch ran outta juice!!

__Dragon Dragoon__: What the fleck is a Fly-Watch?? Is that a type of fairy sprite??
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