MYMC05E6: Nightmare on Mane Street Reaction Script (D): Cook & Decorate for NMN

Background Pony #61C0
Pipp Petals: Basement door turned into…
(Opens basement door to see clutter inside)
Butler: BY THE LUNA MOONS!! There’s SO much clutter inside!! It’s gonna be a NIGHTMARE to clear it all out! And I don’t mean a good kind!
Pipp Petals: Well, pretty much the same as it was before, but it was pretty spooky then! So that is a yes!
Butler: I shall have to sort out this rubbish after the party celebration, Princess…
Background Pony #61C0
Butler: AAAHHH, what is that horrid sound!??
Pipp Petals: [screams as blaring ghost appears from the basement]
Butler: Hang on a moment, Princess! That’s no ghost! It’s one of Princess Zephyrina’s confounded flying spy toys!
(Ghosts reveals itself to be Zipp’s drone)
Zipp Storm: [chuckling] Introducing the Ponydrone from a Tombstone! ’Cause it looked like a ghost. Get it?
Airship Mare: HAHHAHA! And check out this new costume I made, fellers! I’m an attack airship!
(Shows off her steampunk airship costume)
Butler: Tiny robots aren’t scary, and neither are airships!
Airship Mare: I know it ain’t as scary or frightening up close, but if you saw one of these war balloons up high back in real life back in the day, you would head underground if ya don’t want yer head blown off!!
Not all fears can come in the form of undead spirits, ghouls and gremlins, ya know?!
Pipp Petals: Love it! Leave it! Make sure the sheet doesn’t reveal it!
Airship Mare: Aye aye, princess!
Butler: And try not to accidentally poke somepony’s eye out with that toy!
Background Pony #61C0
Misty: [humming as she sets up sticky spider web decoration]
Rebel Activist: CAREFUL, Miss Brightdawn! You don’t want to fall off the barrel and break a neck!
Misty: Oh! [chuckles] Oh, uh…
(Misty finds herself stuck on the web)
Rebel Activist: What the—OKAY, which one of you ponies thought it was a good idea to use sticky flytraps as material for spider webs??
Misty: [grunting as she struggles to free herself from the web]
(Frees herself but falls off the barrel)
Rebel Activist: I GOTCHA! (Rushes over to catch Misty)
(Gets stuck on the sticky web instead)
OH DEAR! Looks like we BOTH caught ourselves in the spider’s web, just like that old ancient tale about Daphne and the Weaver!
Background Pony #61C0
Hitch Trailblazer: Pin the husk on the corn cob! Here it is! Your favorite Nightmare Night activity with… no line!
Deputy Mare: SHERIFF, quit buckin’ around and help me set up this checkpoint! We can’t protect the public if we don’t erect these detectors and scanners in time for the festival!
Hitch Trailblazer: And here it is! Your costume contest sign-ups! With not one, not two, but twelve different sub-categories! All the rules are on this handy dandy informational flyer!
Sparky Sparkeroni: [gurgling]
Hitch Trailblazer: And no line for that activity either?
Deputy Mare: SHERIFF! Save your introductions for the REAL crowd and get back to work!!
Background Pony #61C0
Misty: Wow! You did an amazing job transforming the kitchen into a mad scientist’s lab—-!
Professor: Why thank you! Me and Miss Starscout tried our best to make this kitchen look as scientifically accurate as possible, yet still add a touch of grimdark atmosphere into the mix! All that’s missing now is some elephant toothpaste and beakers boiling with exothermic vapors to simulate artificial fog!
Background Pony #61C0
[Pot starts bubbling and clanking]
Rebel Activist: OH MY!
Misty: You look like you could use some help.
Rebel Activist: We don’t want you to accidentally blow yourselves up in all this ruckus…
Sunny Starscout: Oh, no, I’m an old pro at this.
[Pot blows off a lid which lands on Misty’s horn]
Professor: Dang it! I told you that was too much Colta-Cornia Reapers!!
Sunny Starscout: Oh! But I guess an extra set of hooves couldn’t hurt.
Misty: [laughs]
Background Pony #61C0
Sunny Starscout: Oh, just a few things. [inhales, speaking quickly]
Apples for bobbing, caramel apples, apple spice smoothies. Oh! Juggling apples, carving apples, apples to draw spooky little faces on
Professor: Candy apples, apple cookies, apple cider bundt cake, apple crisps, apple dumplings, apple-roasted chips, apple-cheese, apple cobbler peach pies, fermented applesauce drinks, apple turnovers, apple strudels, baked apples, apple cider doughnuts, Old Ponish apple cake, dookin’ for apples, apple peanut butter cookies, apple cinnamon oatmeal, pine apple surprise, pine apple buns, pine apple pens, apple cinnamon bread, apple & cranberry chutney, cranberry apple quinoa salad, apple vanilla tarts, iced apple squares, forbidden golden apples, apples of knowledge, apples of Tartarus, apples of Discord, apples of immortality, Apple Tree Mares, Apple phone games, Apple computers, Apple Flypads, Apple Stock investments
OH, and for those guests who want to go hardcore, we also got apple brandy, apple cider, apple wassail, apple martinis, apple cocktails, apple vodka, applejack—!
Rebel Activist: APPLEJACK??!
Professor: Let me finish!
Now where were we?
Sunny Starscout: Fried apple spice donuts, baked apple cinnamon cobbler, frosted apple spice cakes, apple-flavored water, which is just like regular water but you add apple pulp to it. [inhales, sighs] So I guess it’s technically a juice.
Professor: Or alcohol if you let it ferment for a week or two…
Misty: Mm-hmm.
Background Pony #61C0
Misty: Wow. That’s… a lot of apples.
Rebel Activist: You really brought in the ENTIRE archival cookbook encyclopedia series to your local kitchen, haven’t you??!
Truly are an apple to the core, Miss Starscout…
Professor: OOOH, if you think that’s an epic feast, wait until you see our plethora of potato dis—!!

Rebel Activist: OOOOKKAAYY, I think I heard enough Halloween dishes for today! Let’s save it when the real feast begins, Professor! I CAN’T wait!!
Background Pony #61C0
Sunny Starscout: These Nightmare Nights treats were my favorite Nightmare Night tradition from when I was a filly.
Professor: Your old man would use to tell stories of how one of the Saviour Six held one of the most amazing Nightmare Night feasts for all the friends and families across the land with her plethora of apple-based delicacies growing from her never-ending orchard cornucopia!
It’s why Miss Starscout prays to the Princess of Friendship and her entourage everyday for a successful feast and harvest before every major feast!
Background Pony #61C0
Sunny Starscout: —we gotta get moving!
[oven timer dings]
Professor: OH POOP! I forgot about the apple baked brownies!!
Misty: I-I could… Hey, want me to pass…
(Sunny rushes to prepare all the ingredients and cooking equipment on the counter top)
Rebel Activist: You haven’t told us what to do yet, Professor!
[glass breaking, clattering]
Sunny Starscout: Thanks again for the help, Misty. I couldn’t have done this without you!
Misty: Uh, sure.
Rebel Activist: Uhhhhh hehehehehe—you’re welcome???
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