MYMC05E6: Nightmare on Mane Street Reaction Script (B): Prep for NMN

Background Pony #C9EA
Misty: What else goes into a “Frighthouse”?
Pipp Petals: It’s basically anything your spooky heart desires!
Professor: OR anything that scares the manure out of you—basically anything that can cause outright traumatic and emotional damage to your psyche!
Butler: Of course, we would suggest taking any extreme ideas down a notch, so as to not frighten the young filly and colt participants…
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Izzy Moonbow: And Hitch, stop sneaking around and tell us what you’re gonna be!
Colt Twin: OOH OOH OOH, is it going to be cowboy??!!
Filly Twin: Or maybe a flowery-maned princess??!!
Deputy Mare: I’m not here to play dress-up, lil’ ponies. The only costume I’ll be wearing will just be my regular uniform––plus a patch that will idenify me as a PUCAS…
Fire Realm Guardian: No offence, Deputy, but Operation “Pukas” isn’t exactly the most appealing name.
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