MYMC05E5: Mane Smelody Reaction Script (D): Misty gathers and relays info about Opaline

Background Pony #C985
Opaline: I haven’t seen you all day. What wing of the lair were you in?
Fire-horn Henchmare: I tried looking for you in the basement dungeons and the adjoining torture chambers, but you weren’t there either! What gives??
Misty: The entertainment, uh, quarters?
Fire-horn Henchmare: You mean the public theatre where I store all my best home red room flicks and snuff films?? Since when did YOU developed a knack for seeing ponies in pain??
Opaline: Next time, let me know. I was trotting from room-to-room looking.
Fire-horn Henchmare: You KNOW how much our Malevolence hates excercise!
Misty: I must not have heard. Sorry.
Opaline: Ugh!
Background Pony #C985
Opaline: —-I’ve been hard at work on my new scheme…
Fire-horn Henchmare: This plan is SO diabolically foolproof, it’ll make the Villainous Trio’s world domination plan look like a crayon’s drawing!!
Opaline: Wait just one second. You said you were in the entertainment quarters?
Misty: Yes…?
Opaline: The east entertainment quarters or the west entertainment quarters?
Misty: East?
Fire-horn Henchmare: The one where the hoss watches her soap operas??
Opaline: That makes sense.
Misty: Phew.
Fire-horn Henchmare: Of course, you wouldn’t even have the STOMACH to watch all the blood and carnage in the west entertainment corners! HA, what was I THINKING??
Opaline: The west one is where I’ve been keeping all the spiders. We’ve got to clean that out. Add it to the list!
Misty: Remember Misty! We may be villains, but we’re NOT slobs! Can’t think of world domination with all that clutter clouding your mind!
Background Pony #C985
Opaline: …and the entire time magic was absent from our realms, the dragons have been slumbering in a deep, deep hibernation. But now that magic has returned, the dragons are awake! As is evident by that baby dragon’s mere existence!
Misty: [gulps]
Fire-horn Henchmare: It ALL makes sense now! With the dragons finally re-awakened, we can gather and recruit an army of our own hail-fire breathing beasts—and use them to TAKE OVER ALL OF EQUESTRIA!!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!
Background Pony #C985
Opaline: And my brilliant scheme culminates in an infiltration of the Dragon Land to enchant them and possess them for my own devious uses.
Fire-horn Henchmare: Check out these planned schematics I had inscribed! Pretty radical, huh??
You WILL also share some of that newfound dragon with me once we enslave these dragons into your very own army, right Your Majesty?…
(To Misty) And you said watching heist movies in the East Entertainment wing was a total waste of time!
Background Pony #C985
Misty: Uhhh… Okay, if that’s all…
Opaline: It is.
Misty: I just remembered I have to get more intel for you! Lots of good info to be shared! I mean, had!
(Rushes to leave the scene)
Fire-horn Henchmare: Thank Tartarus that I don’t have to be stuck accompanying her like some nanny babysitter! If I ever shown my mug in town again, I’ll surely be recognized by that Sheriff and his stupid one-eyed Deputy!
Opaline: Well, don’t be long! There’s evil hoofnotes and pie charts to go over!
[door closing]
Fire-horn Henchmare: Hmmmmmm….I DO love pie— especially the blueberry black forest kind! Perhaps I’ll venture out into the night to steal some from the town’s local bakery!
Background Pony #C985
Rebel Activist: MISTY! You’re back!! You looked like you just ran a whole jockey racetrack! Is something the matter??
Professor: Did you have another nightmare again??! If it is, then could that dream be about your mother this time??
Misty: Opaline…! Dragons…! Awake…! Magic…!
Professor: ACTIVATE THE P.O.N.I.E.S.—!!!
Rebel Activist: WAIT, let’s hear her out! Slow down, Misty! What is this about Opaline and dragons again??
Background Pony #C985
Sunny Starscout: Now, what is going on?
Misty: Opaline’s going to descend upon the Dragon lands and enchant and possess them! For evil! And… and… so much more!
Professor: You mean—she’s going to use her newfound powers—to create a DRAGON ARMY of her OWN???!!
Rebel Activist: GGASSSPPP! Including SPARKY’S LONG LOST FAMILY??!!!
Inspector Mare: OH MY HOOFNESS!! We CAN’T let that HAPPEN!!
Background Pony #C985
Misty: [sniffs]
Rebel Activist: PPPEEE-YYUUU!!! Miss STARSCOUT! Your HOOVES!
Misty: Um… what’s that smell?
Professor: Hehehehheheh, funny you should ask!! You heard about that stupid hoof polish challenge that’s been trending online lately??
Rebel Activist: It’s been turning Maretime Bay into a complete living mustard gas nightmare!
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