MYMC05E5: Mane Smelody Reaction Script (C): Pipp promotes her new cosmetic hoof polish

Background Pony #8DDC
Pipp Petals: Casual viewers and Pippsqueaks alike! Have I got something great for you!
Butler: STRAIGHT from the natural gardens and forests of Bridlewood, our royal Gracefulness presents to you in the latest au naturel beauty product line, tested thoroughly by the greatest heroine of Maretime Bay herself!
Pipp Petals: It’s the special deluxe pampering you’ve been needing! Treat yourself! You deserve only the best! And we’ve got it here at Mane Melody!
Butler: If you order now, we promise we will offer a 25% discount for every 10-bottle bulk purchase! With free delivery shipping and handling!
Pipp Petals: Guaranteed to make your hooves shine brighter than a Bridlewood crystal during the Lumi-Bloom!
Butler: (Speaking rapidly)
WARNING: Pipperine Polish may cause side effects such as pungent hoof odor, nauseous headaches, vertigo, loss of taste, eye irritations, congestions and impairment of nasal senses! We at Mane Melody waives all full responsibility for any customer dissatisfaction that may arise during use of this product. If you are suffering from ailments that may interefere with consumption of Pipperine Polish, please consult your local doctor before purchasing!
Background Pony #8DDC
Pipp Petals: [squeals] Jazz, I’ve got a great feeling about this, don’t you?
Butler: It’s going to be a smooth sale with our sea of customers wearing our brand-new polish on a hoofnail!
Jazz Hooves: Ha! Yes! Definitely! Absolutely! It’s gonna be a spectacle!
I mean, spectacular!
Butler: We might had to work to the stink to satisfy our new customer base, Miss Jazz Hooves! Mane Melody will come up smelling like roses, I guarantee that!
Background Pony #8DDC
Butler: WELCOME everypony—to our GRAND BRAND opening ceremony!!
Sweets: I’m first!
Pipp Petals: Ponies! Ponies! There’s plenty of deluxe to go around! Right, Jazz?
Butler: No need to rush! We have PLENTY of polish for every good apple here!
Jazz Hooves: Yes, of course! Everypony will get a treatment!
Butler: Thanks to our harvesters working around the clock at the community garden, we have more than enough raw material to make enough golden hoof polish to meet high demands!
Background Pony #8DDC
Jazz Hooves: Everypony will get a treatment! If they want one! Totally optional!
Butler: Of COURSE!! BUT if they wish to not miss this once-in-a-lifetime deal, I HIGHLY recommend that they buy it now at discount bulk purchases while supplies last!!
Pipp Petals: Okay, let’s break out that inkthistle and get this sparkle party started!
Background Pony #8DDC
Posey Bloom: Ah! I’ve never seen anything like this! Have you, bestie?
Windy: I actually can’t see anything like this! It’s too bright! My eyes!
Posey Bloom: Oh, I’ve never smelled anything like this. I was lying when I said I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s just bright. But this? [sniffs] Ugh! This is something else!
Oh! Shh-shh-shh.
Hi, Pipp!
Pipp Petals: Hiya!
Butler: How is everypony doing today??!! Are you lovely ladies having a magnificent time with your newly enchanted hooficure??
My my, Miss Bloom! You look DASHINGLY gorgeous with your new look! All the handsome stallions would love to flock to see you trot those golden hoof steps!
Background Pony #8DDC
Pipp Petals: Ooh! Haven’t seen shines this bright since I made my own toothpaste!
Butler: It’s too bad it had to be pulled out from the market, due to the Deputy cracking down on products brimming with charcoal…
I guess ponies in Maretime Bay aren’t too keen of the black teeth trend back in Zephyr Heights…
Background Pony #8DDC
Pipp Petals: This is turning into Mane Melody’s biggest success! What are we going to do with all of this success?!
Butler: I say we use our new gains in net positive bit flow to invest in a hoof foolish factory and a cosmetics laboratory in Zephyr Heights to perfect our product line! If we can find a way to eradicate the pungent smell, we might be able to double—no—TRIPLE—our operating revenues!
GAASSPP, we need to contact your Mane Melody shareholders RIGHT away!
Background Pony #8DDC
Jazz Hooves: Yeah, the sweet… ughsmell of success!
Butler: YES! YES! We’ll be filthy stinkin’ rich beyond the high heavens! PIPP PIPP HUZZAAAHH!!!
[Jazz turns on electric fan]
[electric fan rattling]
Jazz Hooves: [sighs] Phew!
Background Pony #8DDC
Jazz Hooves: This is great for business, Jazz
… Oh! That’s gonna look wonderful!
Toots: Yes, yes, but I wanted to know… Uh, well, it’s just that, uh… How do I say this? The odor – is that part of the package?
Jazz Hooves: Everything that goes into this treatment – from the raw ingredients to the experience of sitting in that chair to the beautiful shimmer and, yes, even the… odor – is a part of a special and one-of-a-kind hooficure.
You’ll be talking about this one for moons, I bet! Yup! [laughs nervously]
Toots: [hushed] Does she not smell it?
Windy: [hushed] I’ve been wondering that all day. My friends have to see this.
Pipp Petals: This is fantastic! Tell your friends please! There’s plenty of “Potions by Pipp” to go around!
Windy: Bleh!
Butler: PLEASE don’t mind the smell! The raw ink-thistle from which we harvest actually smells a LOT worse than the finished product! We ponies at Mane Melody aim to offer our consumers the highest satisfaction!
IF you are highly concerned of the odours affecting your upcoming prom date, business interview or just the occasional family visit, we ALSO offer complimentary scented snuff boxes filled to the brim with the finest and driest ground up flowers and herbs
don’t ask us how we procured that package
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