MYMC05E5: Mane Smelody Reaction Script (C-ii): Jazz eventually tells the truth to Pipp

Background Pony #27B3
Izzy Moonbow: Pipp, I’m here to… [gasps]
Colt Twin: PPPPPUUUUUU!!! What is that stinky smell??
Filly Twin: Did somepony farted and pooped in here??
Izzy Moonbow: Sheesharoo!
Izzy Moonbow: Why does this whole salon smell like stinkthistle?
Colt Twin: Stink thistle? Are we still in Bridlewood??
Filly Twin: Why would anypony want to bring a stinky weed inside?? Have they lost their pearly marbles??
Background Pony #27B3
Jazz Hooves: Shhh! Pipp’s in the back, so I’ll just say this now. This stuff Pipp foraged shines hooves like you wouldn’t believe, but the smell is—
Izzy Moonbow: Stinky! That’s why it’s called “stink thistle”!
Jazz Hooves: You know it?
Izzy Moonbow: Mm-hmm. Pipp has foraged the stinkiest plant in all of Bridlewood. If a pony spends a long time exposed to it, she can become used to it.
Filly Twin: But if they get TOO used to it, they can lose ALL their sense of smell!
Jazz Hooves: That’s why Pipp can’t tell!
Izzy Moonbow: Yeah, unicorns mostly stay away from it because it is so stinkeriffic!
Colt Twin: Except for those unicorns over there who are taking videos for the Pony Net though…
Jazz Hooves: You mean I’ve gotten used to it, too? And it’s actually stinkier than even I can tell?!
Filly Twin: YEP, that’s also maybe why everypony here, plus you, is still hanging in Mane Melody, no matter how stinky it is…
Background Pony #27B3
Jazz Hooves: These poor customers! Why didn’t I just say something sooner?!
[ponies laughing]
Jazz Hooves: Izzy, it all makes sense now. But I still feel nervous to tell Pipp the truth. She’s worked so hard on her beauty line. What if I tell her and ruin it?
Izzy Moonbow: You’ve got to!
Jazz Hooves: Just knowing how bad it smells would crush her, but knowing that everypony is here for a viral challenge? It would destroy her!
Colt Twin: If the Princess sees that every pony in town reeks like a stink-thistle weed patch, it would already be too late to fix it!
Filly Twin: I know the truth can stink, but hiding it will make it stink REALLY bad!
Izzy Moonbow: Jazz, if you were part of a viral craze that made you the butt of somepony else’s joke, wouldn’t you want to know?
Jazz Hooves: [inhales] Yes…
Background Pony #27B3
Pipp Petals: That… was… wild!
Butler: I must say! We haven’t had such a booming sales spike at Mane Melody ever since its grand re-opening in Maretime Bay!
Jazz Hooves: So, listen. Pipper. Pippito. Pipperoo.
Butler: SPIT IT OUT, Miss Jazz Hooves! Unless you’re going to address her as princess, I suggest you stop wasting our time and get back to counting our bits sales!
Pipp Petals: Mm, you’ve never called me a nickname.
Butler: Only Miss Moonbow has the special priviledge to address the Princess with such informal foalish endearments! Has the odor seeped into your cognitive functions and rendered you invalid for work, Miss Jazz Hooves??
Background Pony #27B3
@Background Pony #27B3
Jeez, don’t be a jerk, Butler!
Butler: Am I? She has been acting very oddly lately, throwing our clients’ belongings around like rubbish. If you wanted to get ponies off their phones, you could at least place them in a basket like a normal pony!
Background Pony #F516
Butler, what in Equestria is going on here? That’s it! Pipp, close Mane Melody, NOW!!!
Background Pony #27B3
Jazz Hooves: How to say this? [clears throat] You foraged the worst-smelling plant in the entire forest and made it into an only slightly less smelly lotion.
Butler: YES YES, I am QUITE aware of that! Like I already discussed, this polish will be perfected to eliminate such bad odors! Our new cosmetics management team are working on the clock to remedy that side effect!
Background Pony #27B3
Jazz Hooves: They turned the deluxe treatment into the “Mane Smelody Challenge”! Because stinkthistle smells so bad, being around it is like punishment for your nose!
Rosedust: [laughs]
Earth Stallion: Nasty!
Rosedust: Ew!
(sounds of suggestive groaning over the stinky smell)
Butler: Oh MY! Why is that mare rubbing that hoof polish all over her lower––
SWEET CELESTIA!!! That is MOST uncouth!!! Hoof polish shouldn’t be used like that!! NOR should they be painted in somepony’s——oh no, I think I’m going to––BBLLLLEERRGGHH––!!
That is NOT I intend this hoof polish to be used for!! NOpony should that in public—OR in private!! This unsafe work offends the innocent eyes!
Background Pony #27B3
Pipp Petals: But you know what does feel good? A friend you can be honest with. Friends should always feel safe and comfortable to tell each other the truth.
Butler: Even if it does hurts them and traumatizes their psyche for the rest of their lives, it’s best to live with the horrid truth than to live carefee with a beautiful lie!
Background Pony #27B3
Izzy Moonbow: Pipp! Pipp! Pipp! I found it! I found the elusive neutralizing ingredient! [gasps] Pinkthistle! Fresh from Bridlewood!
Foster Twins: You won’t need to wear a gas mask for your entire life!
Izzy Moonbow: Give this a whiff!
Jazz Hooves: [sniffs pink thistle] Best smell I’ve ever smelled!
Butler: Hmmmm…(HARD SNIFFING)
WHY, this is the MOST delicate and MOST lavishing smell I had ever experienced!
So much so, that I had already forgotten what it smelt like already, so I’ll have to smell this thistle a SECOND time!
Pipp Petals: [gasps] This will keep the shine but erase the smell! And it’s all natural! Just like I wanted!
Butler: Quite indeed!! AND most importantly, I don’t have to resort to masking my lab with that cheap noxious deodorant! You’re a marketing genius, Miss Moonbow!!
Pipp Petals: Awww, “Potions by Pipp” is saved!
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