MYMC05E5: Mane Smelody Reaction Script (B): Sunny and Zipp work together to uncover more secrets

Background Pony #798B
Zipp Storm: Hmmm… There’s gotta be something else here.
Inspector Mare: Dang it! Other than that old search warrant from E-Hay, there’s not much else online that can hint on the ancient alicorn’s future plans! In spite of his hard work, most of Argyle’s research log website has some information redacted or removed by those stuck-ups at the university! There’s not even a mention of Opaline here!
Background Pony #798B
Sunny Starscout: I just wanted to help.
Professor: There’s nice, and there’s BAD ways to be nice, SUNNY GIRL!!! And YOU made the BADDEST choice of generosity of a lifetime!
Inspector Mare: Heeby-geeby-deebies! Not even ol’ gramps stunk that bad after fallin’ into a tar sand pit!
Sunny Starscout: And the smell kinda goes away—-(O—O)
Professor: NOPE, still present!! Jaysus, Sunny! Judging by the lingering smell from your hooves, I think this essence must be harboring some perspirant bacteria breakin’ down these organic compounds in to various amines, thioalcohols and tri-sulfides!
In other words, whatever was in that ink-thistle has both a biologically and chemically hazardous odour!
Sunny Starscout: Or maybe I’m just used to it
Inspector Mare: That or all your nasal senses has gone numb as a blank slate…
Background Pony #798B
Zipp Storm: My leads have all run cold. I’ve read that Alicorns book like a hundred times, and certain things still aren’t adding up about the past we’ve all been taught.
Professor: Well, what do you expect when your generations twisting the truth and history to fit their biased prejudices and education agenda, while leaving the archives of the past lost to time after many years of racial isolation?
Background Pony #798B
Zipp Storm: Your dad was definitely onto something with his research, right? Do you have any old things that Argyle left lying around? Stuff that might have a clue?
Inspector Mare: Like maybe a secret hidden library—OR an ancient lost artifact that can point us into the next archeological dig site waiting to be discovered??
Background Pony #798B
Sunny Starscout: I do still have a few things. But I’ve gone through them a million times before.

Zipp Storm: But with fresh eyes and open hearts and minds and clear heads and the help of a master sleuth…
Inspector Sandshoe: AND many weeks of reading, referencing, cross-referencing and fine-print reading—!
Sunny Starscout: Okay, we can try. Maybe my dad would’ve liked that. I’ll go dig them up right now.
Professor: SPLENDID IDEA!!! EERRGGHH—uhh—MAYBE grab some air fresheners and disinfectants while you’re at it!
Inspector Mare: If she still keep this up, I might had to call in my sister to quarantine this Brighthouse!
Background Pony #798B
Sunny Starscout: There it is! Gimme a boost! [grunting] Got it! Whoa! Aah!
Professor: I told you ninny-wits to keep it steady!!!
Zipp Storm: [sighs] Probably could’ve just flown up there.
Professor: If you did, you’ll kick up all the dust in the room and spin up a miniature dirty tornado!
Inspector Mare: Still better than breakin’ a wing or a hoof though!
Background Pony #798B
Zipp Storm: What do you suppose it is?
Sunny Starscout: A piece of a map?
Professor: Hmmm, judging by the discolored hue of this parchment, this fragment must date back a couple decades, right around the early Twilight era!
Zipp Storm: Hmmm… All I can see is the word… “scale”?
Inspector Mare: Possibly an old former dragon village? Or an ancient Yakyakistani mountain town??
Sunny Starscout: Sometimes, maps list distances for scale.
Zipp Storm: Hmmm… I’m not sure.
Inspector Mare: If that were the case, then how come I don’t see a ruler or a measurement line underneath the “scale”?
Background Pony #798B
Sunny Starscout: Well, my dad and I used to sketch maps of imaginary places for fun all the time.
Professor: I taught you way better than to just scribble lines and curves with a crayon and marker. You used to be excited about learning how to use sextants, surveyor telescopes, Grunter’s Chains and rangefinders, all in the name of advancing your cartography skills!
Background Pony #798B
Zipp Storm: —-a detective never fully abandons a clue.
Inspector Mare: No matter how insignificant it may seem!
Zipp Storm: It might lead us somewhere.
Sunny Starscout: Where? It’s not just gonna fall into our laps.
Professor: HEY, that was MY line, Sunny!
(Map literally falls on Zippks head)
Inspector Mare: Speak of the Discord!
Zipp Storm: Or it could be our heads.
Background Pony #798B
Professor:…nothing in this book here matches with these archives
Inspector Mare: Find anything new from that fancy scanner?
Zipp Storm: Hmmm…
Sunny Starscout: Hmmm…
Sunny Starscout and Zipp Storm: Hmmm!
small small
Prof/Inspect: HHMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!
Zipp Storm: Are you seeing this?
Inspector Mare: All I see is a bunch of faint scribbles…
Professor: That’s because you’re not viewing through her visor yourself, Inspector!
Sunny Starscout: Wait, what do you see?
Zipp Storm: A shimmer!
Professor: A shimmer?! You mean—THIS map is actually being written—with magical invisible ink??!!
Inspector Mare: WOOWEE! I never had that fun decoding messages with invisible ink, ever since my uncle sent messages painted with refuse from the hog farm!!
Professor: Uhhhh…yeeeaaahhh….hope that didn’t stink as much as the hoof polish
Background Pony #798B
Zipp Storm: Look!
Sunny Starscout: [gasps] These things are amazing!
Professor: SUNNY! Focus on the map here!
Sunny Starscout: Kinda. Maybe. I don’t know. I think if we’re going to get to the bottom of this, we’ve gotta get out of here and get out there. Start asking some questions.
Zipp Storm: Maybe you’re right, Sunny. And I know exactly where to start.
Sunny Starscout: Yay! Field trip!
Zipp Storm: Field research.
Professor: Now you’re speakin’ my academic language, Detective!!
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