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__Elder Flower__: Now, let's see... [gasps] My, oh, my! This hangar is beautiful! It reminds me of when all these lands were united.


A long time ago, there was a magical bat named Dawn. She was surrounded by other bats like her.

__Inspector Mare__: *BATS*???! I don't think I remember reading those in the archives----

__Professor__: Wait, unless you count that one record of a vampire bat infestation on that ancient almanac…

__Elder Flower__: But one of the bats refused to get along with the others. This bat wanted to fly around and eat all the fruit for herself! So Dawn spoke to a spider, who wove a beautiful web to keep the mean greedy bat away. In the end, Dawn was able to protect their nest. Yet the greedy bat continues to this day to try to break the web! Which is why some bats eat fruit and some bats eat insects.

(Awkward silence)

__Elder Flower__:…That’s it!

__Professor__: ***GGAAAAAHHHHHHHHH***!!!! This is flippin' **POINTLESS**!!!

__Inspector Mare__: WAIT, *maybe there's symbolic meaning behind their rambling*!

__Professor__: **Or MAYBE she's just a increpit ol' crone who must've inhaled too much of that stinkin' weed grass from her unkempt lawn!!**
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