MYMC05E4: Father of the Bridlewood Reaction Script (E): Elder Flower tours Zephyr Heights City

Background Pony #4035
Zipp Storm: You sure did enjoy that Mare Stream ride, huh, Elder Flower?
Professor: For awhile, I thought you might had to use a bedpan or a colostomy bag throughout the flight, but it turns out you could easily handle your own bowel movements in spite of your age!
Inspector Mare: Just kinda wished you didn’t attempt to break the windows in order to puff the Professor’s stash…
Background Pony #4035
Elder Flower: Oh, I did! It was just like the time I went hoof-gliding!
Inspector Mare: Well, spit shine my sprockets! You’re actually mighty more adventurous than I anticipated!
Zipp Storm: So, now that we’re finally here, we have some questions for you about the—
Elder Flower: [gasps] Can it be? Shopping on Mane Avenue! What a wonder to finally see such an iconic place!
Professor: C’mon! Let’s follow her before she ends up getting hit by an omnibus!
Background Pony #4035
Elder Flower: Look! Did you know that style was in fashion when I was a filly? [laughs] Incredible to see its return!
Professor: Come to think of it….this does kinda look like something that one of the Legendary Old ones would wear at the ancient gala…
Inspector Mare: OH, it looks like it’s already retro-fashion season!!
Background Pony #4035
Zipp Storm: Right… So, I was wondering about this ancient evil Alicorn Opaline.
Elder Flower: Hmm… [gasps]
Zipp Storm: What? You know something?!
Elder Flower: I cannot believe that Pegasus! They’re wearing a vintage Carousel Boutique hat! Do you know how hard those are to find? And look!
Inspector Mare: Awww mane! It looks like our renowned historian is more interested in reminiscing on fashion history instead of world history!
Professor: UGH, and I thought YOUR diva princess sister was such a boorish delight, Detective!
Background Pony #4035
Zipp Storm: Sunny, this is going absolutely nowhere. Trying to keep her focused is one thing, but these stories? They’re complete nonsense!
Inspector Mare: HEY HEY HEY, just give her some time! All right! Just because she’s in Zephyr Heights city now doesn’t mean we completed our end of the bargain yet!
Professor: I say we take her through a lengthy sight-seeing tour and tire her out, but not SO much that she ends up sleeping throughout the whole entire day!
Sunny Starscout: Yeah, they’re a little…
[chuckles] But remember what Izzy said? Let’s see what she has to say. Which sure seems to be a lot.
Professor: I say we take her through a lengthy sight-seeing tour and tire her out, but not SO much that she ends up sleeping throughout the whole entire day!
Background Pony #4035
Sunny Starscout: Good idea! That could help jog her memory. Uh, speaking of jogging… Wait up!
Zipp Storm: Uh, slow down!
Professor: You know ,for an ol’ crone, she sure is awfully fast! Makes you wonder why she was technically last in the final Jinxie Games competition!
Inspector Mare: It’s probably all that nostalgic energy she’s been building up!
You know what everypony says, if you’re gonna finish last, you’re gonna finish first. Hence her sudden sprint though.
Professor: That barely made any sense, just like the Jinxie Games!
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