MYMC05E4: Father of the Bridlewood Reaction Script (D): Misty & Alphabittle at the Teahouse

Background Pony #ED95
Misty: [gulps, slurps, gulps] Mmm, yummy. [gulps]
Rebel Activist: (Sips sample of “special” tea)
Uuggghh…..bit strong on the quinine, huh Mr Blossomforth?
Quinine, with hints of cinchona bark, fairly bitter flavor that usually acts like a brewed tonic curative. Well, guess you learn something new every day then.
Rebel Activist: Unless if it’s for malaria, I don’t see why some ponies love to drink this stuff. You gotta be criminally insane to drink this in every morning routine.
Background Pony #ED95
Alphabittle: I knew it! You still love “Misty’s Mys-tea-ry”!
I named it after you and haven’t let anypony drink it since.
Misty: [coughs]
Rebel Activist: WAIT! It’s been boiling there for over a DECADE??!! Won’t that significantly alter and denature its original flavour??
Background Pony #ED95
Misty: I’m all tea’d out, Alpha— uh, Dad! Any chance there’s something else – anything else – on that list of yours?
Alphabittle: In fact, there is! [taps hoof]
“Ow-owl”, says the injured owl.
“Hoooo… Ow.”
Alphabittle: Slam poetry! Your favorite! Remember when you won the youth slam with your performance of “Reflections of a Glowpaz Crystal”?
Rebel Activist: GGASSSSPPPPPP, I never KNEW you were such an inspiring poet, Miss Brightdawn! Then again, it HAS been years since your absence, so…
Misty: No. I do not. That actually sounds awful—
Alphabittle: Awfully cute? I know. It was. Here!
Misty: Wait, I…!
Rebel Activist: Do you at least still have the original script with you??!!
Background Pony #ED95
Misty: Uh… um… uh… uuuuuhhhhhmmmmm…
Rebel Activist: PPSSST, just try to do a lil’ improv with your rhyming! Those tea-tranquil ponies will buy anything you say!
Misty: Uuuuuhhhhh
[microphone feedback]
Dapple: [laughs] Rad. Such a dedicated choice.
Rebel Activist: Miss Brightdawn!! You’ve been groaning and moaning for almost half an hour! I think the microphone is starting to wither and buzz out…
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