MYMC05E4: Father of the Bridlewood Reaction Script (A): Alphabittle & Misty Family time

Background Pony #B459
@Background Pony #B459
There’s more to friendship than forcing curt interrogations against Miss Brightdawn, Zipp! No reason getting your wing feathers in a ruffled frenzy.
Inspector Mare: Stop treating her like a tool and start treating her like a friend in need for once…
Background Pony #B459
Izzy Moonbow: It’s very important to understand the history of somepony, for everypony’s choices echo in time…
[mimicking echo] Time… Time…
Professor: ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT, we get it! You don’t have to repeat it all over again like a broken gramophone record like you always do!
Inspector Mare: It’s what we investigators do best, Miss Moonbow! But we’re trying not to invade too much of their pony personal privacy! Some ponies aren’t that ready to reveal their dark secret hidden pasts that easily!
Background Pony #B459
Izzy Moonbow: Yes, time! And I know just the pony you need to talk to. Follow me! Oh! Gather some grass and watch your hooves for stinky weeds along the way! It’s in season!
Colt Twin: Don’t let the stinky weed filth get on your hooves!
Filly Twin: It’s REALLY hard to wash off!
Izzy Moonbow: Ooh-ooh! And you! Oh! And you’re coming with me.
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