MYMC05E4: Father of the Bridlewood Reaction Script (A): Alphabittle & Misty Family time

Background Pony #B459
Alphabittle: [humming] Oh, I can’t believe it! My daughter Misty has returned! Whoo!
Rebel Activist: I didn’t even know you HAD a daughter until yesterday!
Bridlewood Beautician: Any more hidden secrets in your dusty closet, Signor Alfa?
Alphabittle: —-back then, I used to call you “Misty-Wisty”, but we can retire that nickname if you like.
Misty: Oh, um… I-I’d like that very much. For now, at least.
Rebel Activist: I think it’s adorable!
Alphabittle: Okay, Misty-Wisty! I mean… Misty
Rebel Activist: We also call her Miss Brightdawn as well!
Bridlewood Beautician: Hmmmm…as you wish, Signorina Alba
Background Pony #B459
Queen Haven: Nothing beats having a daughter. Except maybe having two!
Bridlewood Beautician: It’s as we used to say back in Bridlewood.
Fillies hurt our heads when they are young; but when they are old, our hearts!
Though…I would not mind if there was an extra addition to the royal Pegasus or Blossomforth family, no?
Rebel Activist: Hehehehehehehehhee…..
Background Pony #B459
Alphabittle: Remember when we went to the circus and you thought this was the funniest thing ever?
Rebel Activist: I don’t think she can remember ANYTHING from her fillyhood, other than being filly-napped and enslaved by—
Bridlewood Beautician: Aspetta, ripetilo?!
(Wait, say again?)
Rebel Activist: UHHHH, I mean—she must’ve hit her head REAL hard as a filly back then!
Background Pony #B459
Misty: Oh, um, those memories are a little fuzzy for me, Alphabittle.
Bridlewood Beautician: Oh Mia puledra! There’s no need for the formalities, Signorina Alba! You can call Signor Alfa papa whenever you want to!
Hmmmm….Alfa e Alba! The perfect coppia padre-figlia!
Alphabittle: Hey, no more “Alphabittle” here. From now on, call me “Dad”.
Izzy Moonbow: Okay, Dad!
Professor: NOT YOU, YOU IDIOT!
(Bonks Izzy on the head with a knobstick)
Izzy Moonbow: Oh, you meant just Misty…
Rebel Activist: Izzy, go find your own dad, and give her and Mr Blossomforth some family privacy already!
Background Pony #B459
Zipp Storm: Adorbs!
Pipp Petals: So cute!
Sunny Starscout: Awww!
Hitch Trailblazer: [gasps]
Deputy Mare: C’mon, git’on and scram! Before you attract the entire forest village and draw up a crowd!!!
Background Pony #B459
Izzy Moonbow: [squealing] I am just feeling so many emotions!
Foster Twins: It just makes me WANNA EXPLLOOODDDEEE!!!!
Bridlewood Beautician: Tutto bene tutto bene! Rilassatevi, voi due piccoli pony in fiore!
(All right, all right! Calm down, my Little blossoming ponies!)
Let’s get you both home and leave Alfa e Alba to their family business…
Background Pony #B459
Alphabittle: You were always better at coming up with games and fun things to do.
Misty: I was?
Alphabittle: Yeah! That’s the whole reason I play games in the Crystal Tea Room! Because of you.
Professor: So YOU were the one who inspired him to create these wager schemes to rip off ponies from their hard-earned possessions! I SHOULD’VE known!! Perhaps you could’ve made a living from Alphabittle’s lil’ hustles instead of working for that—
Deputy Mare: AHEM!!
Professor: I MEAN, working—as a VENDOR assistant at Sunny’s smoothie cart shop!
Inspector Mare: PHEW, close one there…
Background Pony #B459
Misty: I don’t remember that. Or the last time I even played a game…
Rebel Activist: Well, except maybe the sleepover games back at the Brighthouse
Misty: Unless you count “The Evil Plotting Game”, where you have to strategize and take over the whole world and all of ponykind? Opaline does love that one.
Inspector Mare: OH seedy horse inn taverns!!
Professor: Uhhhh, she’s actually just talkin’ about them world war stragety board games she played against her opponent online!
Mane 5: Um… Hmm…
Background Pony #E485
@Background Pony #B459
Never thought I would see the day hearing Misty and Alphabittle come up with those rather tongue-in-cheek nicknames, both relevant for rekindled father and daughter, but here we are.
Background Pony #B459
Zipp Storm: Maybe this “game” they played can give us clues to her plan. Then we get ahead of her! What are we really doing to protect Equestria? I have to ask Misty right now!
Inspector Mare: As much as I want to know more about Opaline’s end-game, I don’t think this is worth analyzing every detail of her confounded life, Detective.
Professor: Perhaps it would be best if we just at least let the Deputy watch them from afar, to make sure nopony else associated with Opaline catches Misty off-guard…
Background Pony #B459
Sunny Starscout: Zipp, you are a brilliant detective. But you should “detect” that this isn’t the time to interrogate Misty.
Zipp Storm: Sure it is!
Sunny Starscout: I mean, your tactics with Misty lately have been a little…extreme.
Professor: That’s an understatement! You should’ve seen how she almost traumatized a trio of fillies into confessing their crime of staying past their bedtime!
Inspector Mare: GGASSSSPPP, WHAT??!! How COULD you, Detective??! They’re just CHILDREN!!
Background Pony #B459
Zipp Storm: So! About Opaline!
Misty: Aah!
Inspector Mare: DETECTIVE!!
Zipp Storm: About that Opaline…
Deputy Mare: Did you gather intelligence like I asked for?
Misty: Aah!
Misty: Aah!
Professor: HEY, Detective!! You’re SCARING off our customers!!
Background Pony #B459
Zipp Storm: …I guess I have come on a bit strong.
Professor: You LITERALLY hid a drone bug device inside one of Miss Starscout’s smoothie cups without a search warrant! That’s totally grounds for a civil rights privacy violation!
You’re lucky the Sheriff, Mayor and Misty didn’t sue your white flank to court for harassment and breach of public trust!
Background Pony #B459
Sunny Starscout: Right now, she just needs our support. When she’s ready, she’ll tell us everything we need to know. Maybe we can do some more digging on our own?
Izzy Moonbow: Great idea, pals!
Professor: How long had you’d been stalking us for?
Foster Twins: HEEHEE HEEHEE HEEHEE!! It’s a seeccrreettt!
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