MYMC05E1: Cutie Blossom Bash Reaction Script (H): Misty returns to the lair w/new mission

Background Pony #C9CF
Opaline: Ugh!
[door opens]
Opaline: Oof! There you are!
Fire-horn Henchmare: WHAT IN THE BUCKINGHAM TOOK YOU SO LONG??!! I was gettin’ REAL tired of Opaline—I MEAN—of you gripin’ all day long! Where is that mane brush you stole from her??!!
And what the BUCK is with that mane-do??!
Background Pony #C9CF
Opaline: And what has happened to your mane? It’s all purple and pink and… different. Ugh!
Fire-horn Henchmare: Did you fell into a vat of glimmerberries at the brewery or something???
Misty: Uh… Oh! Heh. That! Yeah! I… fell into a flower bush! An enchanted one! Grown with Earth pony flora magic! It instantly changed my mane! Ugh! Those cursed ponies got me again!
Fire-horn Henchmare: UUGGGH, what a shame! I would’ve wished you fell into a brewery vat, so I can look for a crate full of glimmerberry champagne for Opaline to get tanked on!
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