MYMC05E1: Cutie Blossom Bash Reaction Script (C): Misty Meets Cutie Blossom Bash Participants

Background Pony #03B9
Misty: -most ponies get their cutie marks when they’re young. Because that’s when the magic of their personality—
Izzy Moonbow: And their Luminescence!
Misty: …starts to shine. But, because of Opaline, I never got to shine until now.
Rebel Activist: I figure years of mental abuse from your “guardian” must had taken a toll on your self-worth and confidence….I understand…
Background Pony #03B9
Misty: —-not only will I be in front of everypony, but…
I’m gonna be the oldest pony here!
Twin Colt: Yeah, so? WHat’s wrong about that?
Twin Filly: Me and my sister are friends with many old ponies, including Miss Mayflower!
Professor: C’mon, Miss Brightdawn! Nopony’s gonna think you’re a stalking filly fondler! You’ll be all right!
Deputy Mare: Just relax and remain close! I’ll keep a watch out for you…
Background Pony #03B9
Zipp Storm: —what about—??
Pipp Petals: The fact that the Blossom Bashers will have to trot outside to get from the palace to the stage, potentially ruining their perfect outfits in the puddles and downpour?!
Inspector Mare: WOAH WOAH WOAH, what was that last part again, Princess?
You’re speakin’ way faster than a rabid burr-coated dog leapin’ on a hot-tin tool shack roof with his tail caught in a wire!
Deputy Mare: HEH, looks who’s rambling…
Background Pony #03B9
Zoom Zephyrwing: It is time!
Misty: Time? For what?
Seashell: Don’t worry! You can stick with me!
[epic music]
Thunder Flap: Welcome to the Cutie Blossom Bash Eve Dinner Soiree!
Queen Haven: [hushed to Misty] You got this!
Rebel Activist: WELL, dig in, Miss Brightdawn! You earned it!!
Deputy Mare: Keep an eye on those young ones. Opaline may had recruited a few extra orphans of her own to take out our star witness…
Rebel Activist: Quit worrying too much, Deputy! They’re just here to celebrate a new mark in life! What harm can a little pony do?
Deputy Mare: A LOT actually, if given the right tools…
Background Pony #03B9
Queen Haven: It’s time to go out and make your mark on Equestria!
But first, please enjoy this incredibly fancy springtime feast!
Rebel Activist: Wow….looks delicious. I feel jealous about you already, Miss Brightdawn…
Deputy Mare: Don’t take too long playing with your food. We got a tight schedule to run…
Background Pony #03B9
Queen Have: —it’s time to introduce yourselves to one another and tell us about your cutie mark. Misty, why don’t you start?
Misty: What?! Oh! Um, me? Uh, yeah. I’ll go first. So, um… My name is Misty. Misty Brightdawn. And, uh, my cutie mark is a butterfly.
Seashell: [giggles]
[colts gasp]
Misty: Um… that’s it.
Queen Haven: My dear, you also have to tell everypony why you think it’s a butterfly.
Misty: Oh! And, um, uh, because… um… uh… heh, because…
Misty: Oh! Uh, I-I dropped my fork!
[hushed] This is so awkward! I have no public speaking skills! My only friend before this was a pile of junk named Madame Taffytail! Opaline was right. Maybe I’m not cut out for this world.
Rebel Activist: HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY! C’mon! You talked to other ponies before! Even if you only did it to keep undercover, it still felt very genuine to you, even back then…just pretend these fillies and colts are your friends from Maretime Bay!
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