Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! 13 years of FiM, and 40 years of MLP, so let's celebrate with an art event!

My Little Pony X King of Fighters:The Tale of Starburst


Story:After MLP Episode “The Ending of the End Part 2”, Twilight Sparkle has been disappeared without a trace, and no pony wonder why twilight were disappeared. then, Mane 5, including starlight, were invited to join the King of Fighters tournament. the portal open that lead to the world of Neo Geo! However, a evil group named Those from the Past, who want to take over equestria and fill equestria with hell. A red-clothed boy, Ash Crimson, want to steal three sacred treasures to gain his…true form? Will the heroes can stop Those from the Past?

(You’ll play as other characters. I’ll play the others also.)
Spike:Since the final battle against Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis, Twilight Sparkle has been disappeared!

(Yeah, even the mane 5.)
Door was knocked
Starlight Glimmer:who’s there?
Starlight opened the door
Rainbow Dash: Hello! It’s me! I want to show something to you…. show invitation It’s an invitation. I’ve were invited to join King of Fighters 8th tournament! I just saw a portal that may lead to another world with humans.
Starlight Glimmer:An invitation?! seriously?!
Rainbow Dash:There might be a chance that twilight must be here in another world. I guess applejack, fluttershy and i were invited to participate King of Fighters 8th tournament.

At outside, Rainbow Dash look around and saw a green portal leading to Neo Geo World
Rainbow Dash:Hey! That portal must be sending someone for invitation to us!
Fluttershy:Should we get in?
Rainbow Dash:I guess so! Come on everypony, Let’s go!
The mane five, spike, and starlight went through the portal, entering the world of Neo Geo
Rainbow Dash:This is great! This world look so awesome!!
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