Morning toilet duty [NSFW]


Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Of course
Saturn gives his hooves a good clean and dried them off
I'll be honest, this isn't the first time I've done this
I had to help my baby sister a bunch of times
Usually after she has too much ice cream
But every time I did help her
I always kept her calm and soothened down
As she had no need to worry with me around
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Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Yup, her name's Neptune
You've met her before in fact, she got quite attached to you like how your sweet little sister got quite attached to me
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Artist -

PipeShame/ Marble Lover
(further kisses and hugs cause Rarity and Saturn to take a short nap on the couch. And as the loving couple sleeps, another tiny fart slips from Rarity's butt, but it didn't woke them up)
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