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Morning toilet duty [NSFW]


Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
And you are quite the sweet, fabulous mare ;)
Saturn sweetly returns the favor by kissing Rare's cheek while still rubbing her belly

Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
There we go, sweetheart
I'll keep at the belly rubs to try and get more out for you
You're doing very well
Saturn kept at the belly rubs to see if anymore needs to come out

Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Saturn smiled hearing Rare's little giggles while rubbing her belly
I'm quite a patient pone Rarity, even if this took an hour It's fine

Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Saturn giggled softly
Isn't it obvious, darling?
You know I don't mind flatulence at all, so no need to worry ;)
Saturn kept rubbing Rare's belly in soothing, silky smooth circular motions
Artist -

PipeShame/ Marble Lover
Rarity: (I feel another log coming out) oh, another one is coming out. (I push it out and then It drops to toilet making a smaller plop) oh, this one was easier than the previous one.
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