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@Artcast Nyans  
Yells Emerl, who was aiming a big rifle on a tree.
And all relationship with them must be destroyed! So leaving zero evidence of them!  
Emerl shoots. The shoot was so loud it could be heared in kilometers. the bullet hits the sniper of Eclipse and perforate it, breaking the gun.
Nyanta Starhunt
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Eclipse: he stands still and the darkness grows stronger and i can make you go insane he flicks his wrist and the darkness fills emerls robot mind and makes hm lose balance… hehe

You don’t get it…  
Said while he is just standing in the middle of the darkness, like it has no effect on him.
A Gizoid like me cannot be corrupted, even with the most powerful and ridiculous trick in the universe. My mind is not like the mind-shit of those meatbags called humans… and ponies. I am inmune TO YOUR STUPID MAGIC!  
A fist suddenly break through the mist of darkness and give a punch to Eclipse, blowing away and hitting the ground
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@Artcast Nyans  
Very simple, because him
points Eclipse
Because him, every pony can be a stupid alicorn, and is my job to kill them. But now, there are like a plage, and sooner or later, you will become one.
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