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Magical Island, Just Waiting For You

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The Island of Sodor
Off the coast of Britain, there is an island. surrounded by beautiful blue sea. It has fields of green and sandy yellow beaches. There are rivers, streams, and lots of trees where the birds sing. There are windmills, and a coal mine, and docks where visitors to the Island arrive. The Island also has lots and lots of railway lines.
This, is the Island of Sodor, a land where the sky is so blue. It is a storybook land of wonder where the sun almost always smiles, and the valleys are green as can be. The friends that you love are all waiting there for you. Yes, it is truely a place that will make your dreams come true.
The main railway, known as the North Western, has many engines of various different colors, shapes, and sizes, all ready to be really useful. They are not nornal, however, as each engine has a face, and personality, all their own. One morning, as the sun slowly rose, the engines began to wake up, ready to start work with their equestrian drivers.
(This is just a fun Thomas x MLP crossover rp, you can be any Thomas chatacter, any MLP chatacter, or any oc, just pick a chatacter, join in, and come ride the rails to fun)
toy bonnie1987

I’m interested in rping this If I can be a human and the island can be a strange kind thst is controlled by Magic or spirit and I can be the only human there
Crystal Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.

Well… I’m also interested so you may not be alone. Also there ARE humans on Sodor. I’ve seen TTTE and kinda have a good understanding. If I joined, I’d either be Edward and either my or or my head canon oc, OR make up an engine and have my oc or ocs join in.
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