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Hello. This it my first time making one of these as I mostly just browse images on this site, and occasionally message others. What I’m looking for is simple: I’m looking for an ERP/RP that involves a lot of kinks, doesn’t matter how bizarre they are to. I’ve been particularly interested in inflation recently, and maybe some hot inflation-loving, and of course after everything is said and done we’ll have a nice lovely deflation (From either end~) to top it off. Though I am very debatable so please message me with your ideas. I also prefer long posts so please keep that in mind when we do RP. PM me or message me and maybe we can work something out, though I’m mostly on the application Discord. _
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I have no issues with you or you looking for someone to roleplay sex with, but a poor mod was nagged into making a thread for people looking for such.  
We’re greatly trying to reduce the amount of posts like this one. Please post here instead.  
I apologize if this came off as rude. I did not intend it as such.
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