Just a..Random rp UwU


{The Crazed Maniac}
Ello there!
I’m just looking for a rp Possibly Nsfw But eh…
Anyway! How about joining a rp that based within a universe where A Certain bunny That belongs to Fluttershy Yes! That’s right…Angel bunny! But set in a world where his life has been forever changed due to a Accident following a pot and potion’s turning him into a sub species Called Ghostlings! And take him one with a driving tale of who he choose’s between who he really is…Dyspo the Ghostling…or Angel the bunny
You’re free of Making your own Ghostling oc or Playing as a Existing pony or mlp character
But if you do want to make a Ghostling oc then please fill out the character sheet
Species before “Dying”:  
Fento: {As in how experience is the oc with Fento…Ghostling’s type of magic 1 being very little while 10 being very experienced}
Open to Anyone joining!
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