Humans vs. Changelings

Changling Slayer

Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings had invaded our world. No human, even the military can stop them because of Chrysalis’ magic. As the creatures roam, It’s up to a group of survivors to bring back peace against them and/or send them back to their world whence they came. The only question is, How did they get here?
-Each party will be in group of 4 and will have a different story in each country or state of city.
-You’ll roam around to find anything neccessary that you can to survive.
-If your character dies, You’re disqualified in the roleplay.
-The Administor will give you select of choice in the roleplay for your party to vote on, but think thourghly before making that selection. If you make that selection the roleplay will change.  
Ex. - Save or Leave him/her be
-Each person can make thier own status. Your character will be human.
Group Name:  
Skills: Select of 3  
Weapon of choice: (Edge, Blunt, Fire arm, Projectile)  
Favorite Pony:
-Good Luck.
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Location: Warehouse,?,?  
???: Finally after all this time. Our dreams are finally coming true. We’ve just created an Portal to Equstria!
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@Changling Slayer
N’ah don’t worry.
This is what I got. Tell me what you think n_n
Codename/Name: Aquila  
Location: Mexico  
Backstory: ????  
Occupation: Prior to the invasion, Paralegal.  
Group Name: N/A  
Skills: Pretty decent strategiest and well versed in several topics from history to even diplomacy. Decent hand to hand combat but nothing outstanding.  
Weapon of choice:
a) Hand-held Buzzsaws: A pair of electronically-operated circular saw blades which can be held by a hand, and then pumped to full power by a lever being repeatedly pressed faster and faster. These blades are very sharp, easily cutting through flesh and bone, and can also be tossed in order to pin someone up against a wall who is a few feet away.
b) Hidden Blades:
The right one has the Hookblade and the Rope-darts.
The left has a hidden gun and a poison blade/dart launcher.
Both have a pivot mechanism which allows to change orientation and use them in a manner similar to a pair of daggers.
c) Magnetic and tested grapple gun for a maximum carriage weight of 350 pounds.
Favorite Pony: None in particular.
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@QuasarNova Yeeeeeeaaah… I forgot to add a rule to this. No OP weapons. Basic Weapons only. But you can use homemade weapons on your own or similar from video games such as Dead Rising, Dead Island or Assassin’s Creed. The grappling hook, Hidden Blades and the hand held buzzsaw are okay, as long as it was homemade. But the portal gun and IDSD glove are not.
Background Pony #CA12
HvC- ??? (2): Are you sure about this? I mean, We’re are in the middle of the season of the show and it’s not even in the end of it.
Background Pony #CA12
@Background Pony: Don’t you worry about a thing. Everything will be going according to plan. We’ll be testing out the portal and once it succeeds, we get all the bronies worldwide to come at the warehouse and we’ll finally live in Equestria.
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Hi guys. Hope I’m not too late for anything just yet:
Codename/Name: Oliver Bogenschütz
Location: On an American Airways flight from Munich to Washington DC.
Backstory: Bogenschütz is a correspondent between the German and the US governments, and is used to flying over the big pond once or twice every month. When news hit Germany that something very bad was brewing over in North America, he was immediately dispatched as part of a group of other diplomats from Germany to get anwers and find out what measures could possibly be taken to stop whatever was happening. Then, suddenly, the captain announced that Washington DC had been declared a no-fly-zone for some reason, and they had to alter their destination to a different place before they run out of fuel or before something entirely different brought them down…
Occupation: Diplomat and Solicitor
Group Name: N/A
Skills: Has a detailed understanding of international law, and the inner workings of diplomacy and politics, and the skills in mediation and pragmatism to back them up. After school, he was drafted into the Bundeswehr for a few months, so he has decent shooting capabilities, but is no good at hand-to-hand fighting.
Weapon of choice: Telescopic baton (for self defence, carried in hand luggage) full,
Walther PPS (as last resort, carried in diplomatic bag), 3 9×19mm Parabellum magazines full,
a Swiss army knife with three blades, a can opener, a hook, a nose trimmer and a cork screw (in hand luggage) full,
a dark-blue umbrella with an aluminium hilt (at hand) full.
Favorite Pony: I don’t know… Rarity? Applejack?
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