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Heavy is Dead but it's ponies 3.0


@Background Pony #EF44  
Rarity: “So, did you see the murderer?”
AJ and Twilight: “Nope. Sorry, mate.”
“I will find her! I will capture her! And no one will ever die again!”
slow clapping
Twilight: “Oh, that’s nice.”
AppleJack: “Damn proud right now.”
fast clapping

@Background Pony #EF44  
RD: “That Pinkie is dead!”
Rarity: “We know!”
“Who killed her?”
“We don’t know!”
“I will find clues! sniffs the ground What’s that? A weapon? That thing is why that Pinkie is dead!”
AJ, Twilight, and Rarity: “The Pinkie is dead!?”
“Yes! She died!”

@Background Pony #EF44  
Pinkie: “Ha ha ha ha!” explodes into bits
Fluttershy: “In my medical opinion, that Pinkie is dead!”
Twilight: “Doc, what happened?”
“My professional opinion, slams a desk the Pinkie was killed!”
“Oh Faust!”
“I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.”
“Well, now what?”
Derpy: “Clippity clop mothafucka!”
Rarity: “Oh come on!”
“Look at this! The freakin’ Pinkie’s dead! What do you think of that?”

@Background Pony #EF44
Derpy: “Aw come on! spits Freakin’ unbelievable! No seriously, you all suck!”
Tardis flies into a wall and kills them
Rarity: “Okay, let’s get back to the point!”
Pinkie: “I think Pinkie is dead.”
Everyone: “The Pinkie is dead!”
Fluttershy: runs to the Tardis “No, I will heal you!” dies
Pinkie: “Seriously! Who killed Pinkie?!”
Spike: drinks from a cider bottle “It was me! they gasp Yes! I did it like this! kills Twilight Whoop di do!”

@Background Pony #EF44
Spike: drinks more cider “That’s a joke lads.”
laugh track
Burrrp! “It was- burp her!” points at Applejack
Applejack: “How did you know!?”
“I didn’t! Buurrrp! That was a joke to. drinks more cider until Oh, I’m dead.”
AJ manically laughs
“That’s right! It was me!”
Rarity: “You monster!”
Pinkie: “But why!?”
“Cause you’re pink, girl! And another thing, you’re ugly.”

Rarity just looks back and forth at them arguing, then just shrugs
Pinkie: “APPLEJACK!”
Applejack: “Aww! Damn it, Pinkie! Fuck off! You are dead!”
“No! You. Pow! kills AJ Ha ha! You are dead! Not big surprise!”
Rarity: “Well, that was idiotic. Off to hang myself! Watch and Lear-!” flips and hangs herself
“I am alive! Is nice! Yes, this is stupid.”
The End
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