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This is a forum post where everyone can discuss how they would feel if they were have to go through the following horny droneification traits to become a horny hazmat pony drone:
  1. Being UNABLE to blink / close / move your eyes an inch behind those colored visors.
  2. You CAN’T scream or talk anymore, because your snout (mouth and nose nostrils) are completely sealed off by the rubber. You are left to breathe air jets via drone mask filters!
  3. You will NEVER get a release no matter how much your hanging bulge gets rubbed / grinded / stepped on / kicked. You will be forced to STAY horny for ETERNITY!
  4. Your insides (organs) have become rubber too, so the drones will NEVER use the bathroom / potty FOREVER!!!!

Not so lazy alchemist
On the more practical purposes, no need for food or water would mean the drone could be useful for prolonged hazmat missions.
Anyway, there’s also problems, if dronification process gets completed.
  1. Even discounting muzzle block, if drone needs to still eat or drink, they will starve/dehydrate eventually.
  2. In more realistic situation they need energy (eg. they have a battery powering them) rather than both, I believe they would have a charger slot on their butt. Just make sure to keep them in one place, as them being horny means you may be next for changing, and thus for charging.
Anyways, they seem similar to latexification, or other latex drone stuff I’ve seen.
Would be funny to cause entire Equestria to turn into a bunch of those horny ‘guys’… assuming it’s also forcing newdrones to be stallions.
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Not so lazy alchemist
Well, if you never have to use the potty, this can imply more boring ‘you never have to drink or eat’. Though, I imagine they’d be doing some funky exhaust stuff from either their ‘tailhole’ or the muzzle itself.
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You said: You imagine the horny hazmat pony drones woukld be doing some funky exhaust stuff from either their ‘tailhole’ or the muzzle itself.
I WANT an answer to this question: What kind of “exhaust stuff” from the “tailhole” do you mean?!?!
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