Duck - Quite attached to Lightningbolt. Exemplary.
Since the Beginning  -

Ok, first things first:  
For those who weren’t around for the first Fun Bug, here:  
There ,what began as a simple (slightly creepy) image,begot the longest RP thread in DB (before the forums existed).  
Now that we have the forums available, I think we should start this mothafucka UP again. Everyone is welcome to join, but I’m especially interested in these guys:
GodheadInspector, to play the Role of Funman, the Mirthful Messiah.
A Sad Pony, to play the role of the tormented member of the resistance who never smiles.
HJSDGCE , to play the role of Judge Haven, leader of the resistance, and the thing Ra Pon (me) despises with every nanoangstrom of his being.
Shall this RP adventyar kick off, I will be in the role of Pony Ra, the right hand of Funman, the pink lunatic.  
As I said, everyone is welcome, but you must choose a side (Funbug or resistance) and ,y’know, provide a description of your character.
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