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Trixie Tuesdays

Fluttershy ran through the deep, dark woods, as fast as she could. She could hear the nearing grunting sounds of an outrageously horny Trixie. Trixie hadn’t been taking her medicine, and her growing amount of hormones made her a lot more… outrageous.
Fluttershy was in the depths of the forest, and had no way of quickly flying out through all of the elevated tree scrub. She wasn’t able to run fast, and there was no way she could outrun hormonal Trixie for too long. Unfortunately, it was all for naught for Fluttershy.
Trixie lunged forward and tackled Fluttershy. She was foaming and heavily breathing. With her hormone-induced strength, she slammed Fluttershy to the ground. Then, she forcefully removed Fluttershy’s tail from over her plot hole. Fluttershy had given up trying to struggle. She accepted her fate. Her destiny. Her destiny to become victim to horny Trixie’s hormone-induced activity.
i can’t RP
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