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i have a idea and improve flutter rape roleplaying game where on person is anon and the rest of use are the rest of the cast.
its just wont be fluttershy we can use the rest of the cast just post witch character you want to be
i’ll be flutter shy and we’ll still need anon so first come first serve

cool dono now lets get started
today is my birthday and invited everyone to it even “gush” anon~  
i gotten everything ready even rd and aj are helping whoa

“ehehehe” she all light headed as she watches him “so what did you get for my brithday? i i hop it something only you can get”
Dono & M.Storm
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A purpose.
Anon: I can’t tell you what I got you, yet. It’s a surprise. He then takes out a little present from his right front pocket and sets it on a table. It may not look much but trust me… It will be worth a lot to you when you open it.

she rushes up stairs leaving you there in an awkward silence and for about mins she can be herd doing something “ok anon~ im coming down~” she sound really excited
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