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Epidemic!(SFW ONLY)

Snowy Pony

It had been for the most part, a quiet day in Manehatten, but something had occurred at the hospital, a strange virus has broken free! Before long all of Manehatten was infected besides a few, and within a year Equestria was braking down!
Starlight Eclipse was one of the unaffected ponies left, hiding out with her team in a small cavern under the Everfree Forest.
This was the start of the end of pony kind.
Thread Starter - Doctor Whooves

Name: Jonas
Gender: Male
Race: Unicorn
Age: 27
Occupation: Scientist
Appearance: Light grey coat, brown mane, and wears round spectacles
Useful notes: Jonas is the sort of pony that prefers to work in a lab than go to a party. He’s distant and quiet but when you get him talking he doesn’t seem to stop. He’s introverted, eccentric, and blind without his glasses.  
(This ok?)
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Name: Amber Flicker
Type: Alicorn, Female
Age: 19
Appearance: Light sand coloured coat, Dark red mane, Golden eyes.
Notes: When she found that all the healing magic that she’d learnt over the years couldn’t save anyone, she vowed to find what could. Her being an alicorn who’s talent is a connection with sources of life(Nature, healing) she doesn’t get the virus as easily, but she’s not immune.
Lieutenant Bean
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Name: Cocoa Bean
Race: Unicorn and pegasus
Age: 15
Appearance: Light chocolate brown coat with specks of white all over.
Mane and Tail Colour: White with specks of brown on it.
Occupation: Baker
Personal Info: She is shy and sometimes loud, Cocoa doesn’t have many friends as she comes to school all day with bruises from her parents. She is really smart and seems to mostly get good grades. Sometimes she comes to school with wings and a horn so JUST a unicorn with wings, not an alicorn. She sometimes has no horn and just wings and then a horn but no wings.
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