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The Fading Leaves whisper of a new tale, the Erdtree fades even as a new age, one of Fracture develops, as the Third Elden Lord rules the Lands Between, his own lineage born of the Marika, Radagon, and a secondary Consort of the Elden Beast, securing the support and control over the lingering power of the Greater Will. In preparation of the eventual ages end, the Tarnished, Demigods, and races of the Lands Between we’re all uplifted and given a chance to grow, flourish, and prepare to make their own mark. Despite the dealings of the Outer Gods, the Crucible, Moon, and others make plans and dealings to take control of these lands in the future.
The Amber Lineage, the Erdtree was trapped as infrastructure and even the land itself was expanded and grown as falling stars impacted the land, magic flourished and faith diverged. It is in the few weeks before a new war that new heroes would emerge, Tarnished, Demigods, and even more heroes emerging from the common folk and fringes to try and change the world, all according to the Elden Lord’s design, change, freedom, the strength of ones vision made possible to be granted even as the Fingers try to regain their loyalties to the Greater Will wrested by the 3rd Elden Lord. Will your ambitions be achieved, or fall to the raging vision of your rivals?
Looking for people to do an roleplay set in the Elden Ring universe but after the events of the game. Pm or comment if interested.
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