Call Of Duty: World at War

Lieutenant Bean
Artist -

It is just like the actual game. You’ll have: Sgt. Sullivan, Cpt. Roebuck, Sgt. Reznov and others like that. When you get to the Russian levels, You are Dimitri! In the English levels, you are Pvt. Miller.  
Got that? Okay.  
The war has only just started and you start as English, then you move to russian. ((Only one person may be Dimitri. Only one may be Miller. One may be Roebuck, Sullivan, Reznov, Chernov, Nazi’s and others. No arguing about who gets to be them. I will choose because I don’t want anyone arguing because you want to be one. Just type which character you want to be and I’ll say if I accept.))
Marine Characters List:  
Sgt. Sullivan  
Cpt. Roebuck  
Pvt. Rooker  
Pvt. Polonsky  
Pvt. K. Pyle  
Pvt. Miller
Red army List: ((Russian.))  
Sgt. Reznov  
Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko  
Pvt. Markhov  
Pvt. Chernov ((Dies in second to last level))  
Pvt. Daletski  
Pvt. Polubencev  
Cpl. Arseni
Imperial Japs:  
Japanese Officer  
Banzai Chargers  
Japanese PFC
Rook Knight
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(I know. But I’m thinking, and when I think, i overthink, so nothing ever seems simple to me. Maybe when others join, it’ll force me to decide, but until then, I’m gonna take my time)
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