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sparkling passion

you are searching for the long lost element of love.
no sex  
no porn  
no excessive gore, but battle scenes may happen.  
2 ocs per roleplayer,plus one villain.
sign up sheet:  
talent/cutie mark:  
personality traits:  
*mane colour:  
*eye colour:  
coat colour:
(for unicorns,alicorn) power level,one lowest,ten highest:  
(for pegasi) flight speed:  
(earth) strength level:
** can be replaced by image or link to image of pony

have fun.
sparkling passion

name:Amber flicker  
species(earth,uni,peg,ali,other):alicorn,but no earth pony strength.  
talent/cutie mark:talent unknown,cutie mark is a flame.  
personality traits: hates to be alone, sweet, shy at times.  
*mane colour:dark red.  
*eye colour: Gold  
*coat colour: tan  
power level,one lowest,ten highest: 8  
flight speed:5, wings flame when in flight  
strength level:3  
name:miracle song  
species(earth,uni,peg,ali,other):fairy pony  
talent/cutie mark:singing,microphone with a glitter trail.  
personality traits:brash, rude, and confident.  
*mane colour: Indigo  
*eye colour: Aqua  
*coat colour: Pale moonlight yellow  
Wing colour: Minty green
flight speed:6  
strength level:4
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name: My user  
species(earth,uni,peg,ali,other): Kirin, pegasus variety  
talent/cutie mark: Quantum power, cover myself on a slightly resilent armor (think like Colossus from x-men)  
personality traits: quiet, cunning, secretive, manipulative  
*mane colour: Silver (white when armored)  
*eye colour: yellow  
*coat colour: Cyan (white when armored?
power level: 7 (can achieve 8 with his armor, just physically)  
flight speed: 7.5  
strength level:7.5
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Name: Rigor Mortis  
Talent/Cutie Mark: Necromancy. CM is a gravestone with a zombie hand bursting out. The downside to this is he is unable to use anything except necromancy.  
Personality traits: Very scholarly, but prone to insane behavior and random decisions. Despite his kookiness, he wants to use his talent to help society, and to change public opinion on Necromancy.  
Mane Color: Brown  
Eye Color: green.  
Coat Color: dark blue  
Power Level: 6, but very situational.
sparkling passion

Song: come on Am! we need to get to the everfree.  
Amber: I’m coming. And my name is Amber. not Am.  
Song: Whatever. Can you just teleport us already?  
Amber: Sure thing. they appear on the edge of the everfree, where the ponies for the search are supposed to meet
sparkling passion

Song: ooh! it’s a mysterious-mystery pony!  
Amber: Song, I care about you very much, but you are being ridiculous. We do not act like this around new ponies.  
Song: you don’t! I’m your opposite, remember?  
Amber: facehoofs, then turns to rigor Yes, we shall. Are you quite sure you have everything you need? Once we get going we cannot turn back.
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