Additional player wanted for an ongoing Tails of Equestria game

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I realize that this isn’t the usual sort of roleplaying forum post, but I figure it’s on-topic.
I have a long-running Tails of Equestria campaign going for which I am seeking an additional player. The campaign takes place around the time period between season 8 and season 9. The adventures take place in the Undiscovered West, a region that has only been lightly settled by the various races of Equestria (including ponies, griffons, seaponies, deer, and zebras), and most of the quests involve learning about the mysteriers of this mostly unexplored place and uniting the various settlements to work together. We’re pretty late in the campaign, and the game is high level, with another 3 adventures planned before its conclusion. Previous adventures have included quests such as helping seaponies recover their village’s stolen treasure from a corrupt mayor, exploring the advanced ruins of an ancient pony civilization near the deer tribe’s forest, and rescuing a changeling artist from her enchanted painting.
Beginners are welcome; I will be happy to teach you how to play. Races, talents, quirks, etc. from supplementary books such as the Bestiary of Equestria are allowed, as well as homebrew player races (such as zebras or deer) given GM approval for the character talents and quirk(s) you have chosen.
If you’re interested, please message me, and we can start the process of introducing you to the group, creating your character, working out how to incorporate them into the campaign, etc. Game sessions are typically held weekly on Mondays, from about 5:30PM to 8:30PM CST.
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