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Random question
Posted by Background Pony #DE85
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I just realized something about changelings
Posted by cb5
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Why am I starting to like Flash Sentry?
Posted by Don't
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Rarijack in EQG?
Posted by Background Pony #B624
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Skin color
Posted by Align
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Which comics to read?
Posted by Sono
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what would be my little human show?
Posted by tastetot
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Why are people so butthurt flash sentry isn't being added to the cast?
Posted by cb5
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I just noticed a plot hole in Equestria Girls.
Posted by Zennistrad
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IRL Humanizations?
Posted by GargantuanBass
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A Question About Sunset Shimmer's "Punishment"
Posted by And Brother I Hurt People
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Just watched Equestria Girls...
Posted by Ninoyiya
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Posted by FlutterLove
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Ponies you'd like to see return in season 4
Posted by Background Pony #F42C
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How long are moons?
Posted by Psyga315
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Se4 and Equestria History.
Posted by Garth01
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Do you think the mane 6 will be a bit more consistent in Season 4?
Posted by Sono
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AJ's parents
Posted by Background Pony #5646
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Why did Gilda speak English in the Japanese Dub?
Posted by GargantuanBass
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Was Season 3 heavily hampered by Equestria Girls?
Posted by Psyga315
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Ponies you would not like to see in season 4
Posted by Don't
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Share your vague episode ideas
Posted by Itsthinking
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G1/G4 crossover
Posted by Background Pony #007A
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Lauren Faust is coming back for Season 4 & 5!!!
Posted by SuperEdit
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What five episode plots do you _desperately_ want to see in Season 4
Posted by DanielTepesKraus
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