When the CMC were bullied by DT and SS, why didn’t they tell Cheerilee?

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This is something which has been ongoing for a long time during the first 5 Seasons of the show, and is something which I cannot seem to wrap my head around. In the early episodes of MLP FiM Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle were being bullied by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon for not having cutie marks. During that time it was rather strange and odd that they let the ridicule persist without telling their school teacher Cheerilee of the behaviour of two of her students, and got her to put an end to it. School isn’t just a place where students go to learn, it’s a place which ensures the safety of its students too. When a student is being bullied in school usually the first thing you should do is tell the teachers and they will end it by putting the bully in detention and being sure that they will act nice. But not one time throughout the show’s first half of its runtime did the CMC tell Cheerilee they were being bullied.  
I also find it odd that in the episode One Bad Apple when Babs Seed was a bully, Sweetie Belle kept insisting for Apple Bloom and Scootaloo to tell a trusted adult pony about Babs’s behaviour. They rejected Sweetie Belle’s advice of course, but at the end of the episode they learned their lesson to tell a trusted adult. And if Sweetie Belle knew throughout that episode to tell an adult pony that they were being bullied by Babs, why didn’t she do the same thing with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Did she forget to do that even when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were bullying her with Babs?  
It’s rather strange that the CMCs tried to put up with the ridicule and didn’t tell Cheerilee about Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, when she could have resolved the conflict easily. Does anyone else think this as well, or is it just me?
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Well, even to kids, school teachers aren’t gods, they even need some charismatic and assertiveness skills to stop the bullies, my guessing is that vanilla Cheerilee may not be the good looking choice for the cmcs somehow for this.
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Because that’s not how to write conflict and antagonists.  
DT and SS were made for the sole purpose of being plot points for the CMC, and if they told on them they would cease to be relevant to all the plots written around them being bullies and whole episodes wouldn’t even exist or there runtime would be less than a few minutes.
Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon  
“Yo! Sweaty Balls, Crapple Fume and the other one. You guys fucking suck!”
“Miss they’re bulling us again”
“Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon stop that!”
Credit roll  
“My Little Pony!”
Also nine times out of ten if you told on a kid they would probably hate you more. They don’t become your friend.  
Sucks but that’s school.
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@Background Pony #767E  
School can be such a place to make your children so vulnerable to be bullied or to be bullies.  
Because of how classes mostly teaches “mere subjects” which mostly never used in real work adulthood, but not teaching “cooperation mindset” which is used in real work more in adulthood.  
Without cooperationist-mindset for them, bullies are created because our instincts are competitive if left unchecked, some children seek to crush whom they see as competitors, victim of bullies also less likely to find help as well as a result, because of pride within children’s instincts.
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Diamond tiara should be friends with the cutie mark crusaders along with silver spoon
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@Background Pony #AD0E  
Sadly it almost fully happened, DT and SS are reformed, but also being written off as BG ponies in the end instead of doing CMCs some favors to make up to them more.
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If that happened Diamond and Silver would just be more background ponies and all the Cutie Marks’s episodes that used to have them would be Boring with a capital B.
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I always figured the CMC didn’t consider them a big enough problem. SS and DT would call them names and be a nuisance,but for the most part they could be ignored.
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