What were the controversial moments in MLP: FIM over the show's nine year run?


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I tried looking online for controversial moments in G4 of My Little Pony and I can't find them anywhere!
So, I want to ask you bronies and pegisisters a question, what were the most controversial moments in my little pony: friendship is magic that made headlines? (Either from a major news site or channel or equestria daily.)
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If we are taking about stuff that made actual major headlines (and going by just stuff from the show), then the two biggest ones i can remember are of course Derpy-gate, and then a bunch of foreign countries and Alabama getting upset that Scootaloo's aunts were implied to be gay.

As for ones within the fandom…

Oh boy there are a lot XD
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Well, this thread said MLP:FiM, not MLP in general, gotta be more specific, but I also like to point out that after FiM, lots of controversies happened than before.
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Derpygate and Scootaloo’s aunts are obvious ones(relatively speaking), though I’m hard pressed to find one as the result of the show’s production(though there was that one article about the slender designs “looking like strippers”). There was also plenty of people complaining RD was a gay stereotype. If we’re taking EQD into consideration, I remember the reaction to MMDW was so bad that EQD had to make an entire post telling people to cool it

Though in regards to the show’s staff there was one animator in the animation crew who was caught as a pedophile. And I guess you can count Chris Savino too, though that was found out long after he left the show

The fandom itself is a whole can of worms
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