What dark episodes of G1 MLP you think is now considered tame by today's standards?


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I'll start:
G1's pilot episode Rescue at Midnight Castle has a dark and scary version of Lord Tirek, and the episode was also dark and scary, but him and the episode in question nowadays is considered tame by today's standards.

Now, it's your turn!
What dark and scary G1 episode do you guys think is now considered tame by today's standards?
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'Return of Tambelon' featured a very demonic Grogar that makes G4's Grogar look harmless by comparison, resides in a dark and gritty city, and his army conquered most of Ponyland within days with no resistance. However, the addition of a bumbling sidekick, once a staple of cartoon villains, makes him seem like a much less effective villain by today's standards.
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