What are your Top 10 MLP Waifus?


I generally consider it best for anybody to just stick to one Waifu at a time but that’s just me. A more appropriate title of this would’ve been ‘ur top 10 most attractive MLP & EQGs characters’ but I went with a more interesting title I guess.
Anyways, my choices in exact order:
  1. Adagio Dazzle
  2. Gleaming Sheild
  3. Smolder
  4. Pinkamena
  5. Octavia Melody
  6. Twilight Sparkle
  7. Queen Chrysalis
  8. Sonata Dusk
  9. Ember
  10. Juniper Montage
Background Pony #18B6
Sorry but Gleaming Shield is Genderbend version of Shining Armor, I wonder if rule 63 or genderbend can be included…
Background Pony #B96B
10 alphabittle
9 sprout
8 haven
7 phyllis
6 agyle
5 hitch
4 zipp
3 Pipp
2 Izzy
1 sunny
Background Pony #9638
  1. Cheerilee
  2. Kerfuffle
  3. Torque Wrench
  4. Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist
  5. Ms. Peachbottom
  6. Marble Pie
  7. Autumn Blaze
  8. Somnambula
  9. Rarity
  10. Princess Luna
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