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This may be the fifteen years of Games “pick and choose your own canon” Workshop talking, but unlike many people I’ve seen in the fandom over the years, I don’t care about “what is and isn’t canon.” I separate things between ‘official’ and ‘fanworks’ and that’s that. And I can’t say I’m worse off for it.
Yes, the cartoon supersedes the comics and not the other way round, but they’re both official material to me. Even when they contradict each other, because I don’t feel said contradiction matters or destroys anything.
It’s not like canon is guarantee of quality anyway, on either side of that fence. And if I feel something doesn’t ‘belong,’ I just go “not canon as far as I’m concerned” as opposed to “not canon, objectively, for everyone, fullstop.”
I guess not considering canon something sacrosanct makes me pretty fluid about how much it actually ‘matters.’
Just Wayne
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We don’t need to force people to like what we like. That’d just make them not only dislike the fandom, but dislike the show itself as well. No one likes to be forced to do things.

@Just Wayne
On paper yes that’s what you would expect but evidently that’s not how thing turned out, A lot of people found themselves pulled in to the herd and here we are now still going strong for over a decade

Luna Best Princess
I just don’t get how you can look back and cringe at the history that made us
I have been looking through the old posts on here and people was so much more expressive and happy!
And that did not mean there where all 4chan trolls or shitposters
I’m not cringing at the entire history of the fandom, there was still a lot of good that came out of it.
What I’m actually cringing at is you advocating basically harassing people earlier in the thread and calling it “good fun”.

I think it depends on the show, mlp is a episodic feel good slice of life show its not taking itself to seriously.
However I can’t stand it when they buck around with long standing stories and complex characters

Luna Best Princess
Can we agree that none of us have had the same experience with the people of the “fandom”?
No one is denying this, I agree
take the good with the bad but don’t deny its utility if the fandom never pushed itself on to the world we would never have all this, all i’m saying
This has got to be the dumbest statement I read, so you’re saying the fandom wouldn’t be where it is now if people didn’t go out to harass people?
None of us can definitively say for sure how MLP exploded in popularity but I would think it would be common sense to not make such a assumption.
If anything that has the opposite effect.
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Fighting is Magic was a cool project, and it’s a shame that it got C&D’d.
But let’s be honest: it was the game dev equivalent of a parasocial relationship. Mane 6 is much better off having made a spiritual successor that they can have creative control over.
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We don’t need to force people to like what we like. That’d just make them not only dislike the fandom, but dislike the show itself as well. No one likes to be forced to do things.
Same for any fandom.

Luna Best Princess
Oh I have plenty more dumb shit to say but the fact of the matter is that people you don’t like started the fandom and it was spread in a invasive way. you also sneaked in “harassment” again don’t do that it shows that your projecting
Yeah I can tell from reading your replies.
You don’t know anymore than me or anyone here how we exploded in popularity as a fandom, you’re just going off your headcanon and stating it as fact.
Also I didn’t “sneak” in harassment I’m calling you out for advocating it in your earlier posts, and that’s not how projection works learn what it means.
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You forget the fact that there was already a history of teenage to adult fans enjoying MLP. Focusing only on what happened after 2010 is only relevant if you are looking for a zero point of the G4 And this popularity grew by word of mouth. Which was relevant for Hasbro in renewing this franchise.
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Maybe it’s just me, but I think I prefer it if it’s fan games instead of an official game because fan games feel like passion projects by the fans who show their love and dedication for the source material, and that’s something that I can admire.
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@Just Wayne
I’d like to get along with the second one. The first one feels lonelier to me. I certainly wouldn’t be the one who forced them to watch the show. I generally don’t want to force anybody to do what they don’t want to do.
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