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Unpopular opinion time

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In the middle of a joke after saying it was already over and after April Fools had ended.
Riiiiight. But don’t mind me.
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And that’s good, because the writers can’t write them at all. You can actual track the show’s decline in connection to introducing males to the show.
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Greetings from the not so far future, in about a year from now. I have come to be the bringer of bad news, G5 will be such a huge let down that the fandom totaly, colapsed in the comming late November. After that it didn’t take more than 2 Months before ever artist on this put them self on the DNP list & requested that all of their art should be taken down. By the mid of Feb 2022, this site holds nothing more than screencaps & memes that nobody even cares about & by the end of March of 2022 the Mods & Admins didn’t see much point in having this site up anymore & took it down on 28th of March. The only thing that you will se when going onto this site is the PFUDOR video playing on loop for eternity.
I doubt it will go down, but do you think it’s possible?
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Male characters got better but by the time they did, the show’s writing had gone to crap. Spike’s still my favorite character to this day and I liked how they developed Big Mac from S5 on. Even the bro friendship they developed with discord was a great addition to the show, its just a shame they added it so late.
Thorax was cool enough but Gallus and Sandbar didn’t do anything for me. I think the writing in general was just too far gone for me to ever connect or even like them as characters.
I seem to remember sometime between S3-6 we got a hint the writers had an understanding of how lackluster a job they were doing with the male cast. The early show was very clearly depicting Equestria as a matriarchy simply because ladies ran everything and were a clear majority of the show’s cast, bg ponies included. In fact, one big one I remember around this was back during S2’s dragon quest. The ep’s moral was basically to reject aggressive masculine dragon culture and embrace the more femininely inclined pony culture. There was less nuance in the writing those days and it was clearly a cultural battle of the sexes episode. There was a real conversation on how the show portrayed male characters (either almost nonexistent, quiet, overly dumb at times or as an antagonistic force) and the writers apparently caught on later in the show with a more equal balance of male and female. In fact, I think there was a note in the staff about possible future pony gens and how the fans didn’t want to see guys as the typical bumbling male stereotype character in a future gen. This was a long time ago but maybe this bodes well for what we’ll see in G5.
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Thank goodness. Have you encountered these before? The “ I’m from the future” comments? Do they come true?
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Gender for me doesn’t matter for a character as long as they’re written well. In the case of males, off the top of my head I like Spike, Thorax (both versions), Gallus, Shining Armor (wish he was used more), Sunburst and Flash Magnus.
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Overall, I think characters such as Spike, Discord and Shining Armor are well written.
I think that depends on the episode. I like Spike in Inspiration Manifestation and Secret of my Excess, but I don’t like him in Princess Spike.
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