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Ideally, yes. But the fandom has already decided they love her because she’s had a tennis ball stuck on her horn.
Hence, I believe she’s overrated.

Well, it is pretty cute. Arguably cuter than anything Sunny’s done yet. But we’ll have to wait and get more context before we can decide if she’s really all that.
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I would just hope Izzy is more of a awkward gal than a oddball character. Other than that, Izzy is the most interesting to look at compared to the others from what we’ve seen as of now.
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Doesn’t look like it, but it would be pretty cool to give somepony a stylish prosthesis like Kerfuffle or so much Tempest fan art. Both for the cyborg factor and to show that the culture hasn’t been using the line “You don’t need to be not-disabled to be special” as an excuse to slack off with medical research.
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I’ve heard the main cast had a unicorn with an prosthetic horn and a pegasus with prosthetic wings or something.
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I’m actually just guessing here. Izzy’s horn seems kind-of artificial to me and Pipp’s wings are a differently colored than the rest of her body.

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Funny enough I heard there was suppose to be a colt name tails that was suppose to be friends with them most likely because of the nursery rhyme. Imagine if he was the smart one of the the trio but still got into mischief with them.
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