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Unpopular opinion time

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Incinerating the iceberg is still the most bullshit thing Spike ever did, at least up until he took on the Roc.
To be honest, by that point my suspension of disbelief with the whole Equestria Games plot arc had become so stretched, I could use it as a bloody skipping rope.
Remember when Fluttershy was an Olympic athlete? That seemed… doubtful.
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@Background Pony #3AC6  
I would say no since a camp is supposed to be an outdoors thing so any learning is done outside as an interactive experience but if they do need an enclosed building, then it wouldn’t be gigantic in size as the actual school.
I thought that was badass, I’m glad that he was capable enough of spewing a fire that massive.

Well as it is, he’s a pretty powerful character anyway - it’s just overlooked a lot. But then, he’s not in that many situations where his power is useful, I guess.
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The only times were he is useful is when magic rocks are involved.
But its not like he could turn into a beast with no control at all. Unless Twilight has no option and hides him in her basement.
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Okay, I guess.
That’s only if his abilities started already powerful instead of having to train them the same way Twilight had to train to use her magic skills.  
Imagine if during the Hydra episode Spike suddenly awakened the ability to summon lighting to smite his enemies, but when he (smugly) tried to use it against the monster, he looks up and there’s not a single cloud in the sky, so his ability cannot be used. Some episodes later someone asks Spike about his skill and why he never uses it, only for Spike to awkwardly use it, and summon a piddly bolt that wouldn’t shock a mouse because as Spike explains, he’s still just a kid.
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If Spike had accompanied the mane six in The Cutie Map, he would have been able to just burn the door of Starlight’s brainwashing room down, and then later been able to burn down Starlight’s door. That’s probably why they left him out of it.
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Significantly more dangerous than an unarmed human could ever hope to be, even before the wings, as a mere child.
Yeah, magically sending a scroll to Celestia would be a story-breaking power, at its finest.
Kinda have to wonder if the Tree of Harmony had that in mind, and therefore didn’t want him going, didn’t summon him, for that, and the other reasons?
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