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MYM ended, it wasn’t canceled. If you’ve genuinely lost interest in MLP, that’s fine. But “giving up” just because “it’s easy” is not a good attitude to have.
No, what FaolanCortez said was that the staff members he talked to said that there was consideration of making another show like MYM. He also clarified long ago that this wasn’t a promise of anything, he was just telling people what happened.
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It’s not just that. I think I feel hopeless about the franchise, especially after knowing MYM may actually be cancelled. I feel tired from thinking about ponies now. It’s easier to just give up. It’s kind of like how I gave up on Pokemon. I stopped caring.
Well I’m not gonna stop you from doing that, but anything can happen when G6 arrives, whenever that will be
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I wasn’t meaning like that. And even if I did, Tell Your Tale was the result of it. Also speaking of rushed things, I don’t know, Triple A entertainment industry is still failing even if they took all their time. Example, my previous suggestion of a really bad show. They didn’t rush it but somehow it’s still horrible. Mostly because no one asked for it.
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