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In-unvierse, I suspect the Elements are best aligned to those who value and strive for them despite it not coming naturally to them. After all, who makes the best examples - someone who’s never tempted to do wrong, or someone who is but overcomes it?
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I’ve been reluctant, anxious and afraid of coming back here because of my last statement and I haven’t read anything else past this yet but I want to say this. I do not like to take sides, I don’t hate anyone at all no matter what, I’m not defending anyone, she’s not even my favourite character. But one thing I know for certain is that I just want to see the good in people, real and fiction. There are prolly other characters that are equally if not worse than her. There are too many to list, but two good examples I can state are Zuko from Avatar and Vader from Star Wars, they relentlessly hunted down the good guys and actively seeks to destroy them, and after all that, they wanted to change and has shown as such too. I can see with my very two eyes that there’s still good in them and they actively try to correct their wrongs. People can be shit but not everyone is this way. It may seem like the a-holes outnumber the nice ones. But ever heard the saying “diamond in the rough”? Cause the probability of finding one is otherwise high. Also I don’t want to make enemies, I want to be friends, it’s how I cope with loneliness, real people that I can put my faith in. And that’s the thing, you gotta have faith, you gotta put your trust into people so that they can trust you back, someone has to do it first or it’ll never go anywhere. I won’t even fault someone for small things like spilling my milk, I can get angry but I’ll rather not at all, and not mention that it’ll only be temporary because I don’t despise anyone, even my worse enemies. Maybe they have bad days too. It’s completely normal to have outbursts sometimes, and that does not mean they hate y’all. Nowadays, the official writers are already doing characters dirty, so if there’s a problem, don’t add to it, fix them. There is no such thing as bad ideas, only bad executions. I will agree that maybe their handling of the S5 arc was their worst with their sudden happy ending after doing something that could technically prevent any villainy from happening including The Ending of the End since none of the villains will be there to begin with or have any such intentions. But if there is an author’s saving throw here, it’s that she’s willing to take that chance to reform not to mention not simply throwing it away or making zero progress like Discord did. I’ll admit maybe the g5 comics is yet another slow step in reforming seeing what he’s doing now doesn’t seem half-baked and quite actually terrifyingly a twisted version of noble. Point is, if you don’t like the problems, fix it. I see no reason in making said problems worst. We should be bettering ourselves everyday, and the people around us too. I wanted to write this yesterday because that day, especially of the g5 news and spoilers has made it the best day ever. So I wish you, RT sir a great day ahead.
Thanks for the like on my comment somewhere, not because of the attention but because I see that you don’t stay mad for too long at least. I really apologise. I do not despise you at all. You have your opinions, and I have mine. Besides, to cap off my last post, if you ever want to give the comics a go, go nuts. I like your reviews, even if they’re cynical. :)

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Interesting read and perspective, but I think have to disagree with well.. all of it.
Not every villain needs to be redeemed and it doesn’t make sense to do so, it can come across as forced if you’re doing it repetitively, even in MLP.
Which is why I’m glad Chrysalis,Tirek and even to an extent Cozy Glow weren’t redeemed.
You mention that people constantly strive for change and to better themselves, however I think it’s just important to note and show in media that you have to be willing to change for said change to occur, and not everyone wants that, some people don’t want to change and will not.
At that point they are too far gone, that to my is more realistic than just redeeming every villain.
Yes Zuko has probably the best redemption arc in fiction.
And Vader/Anakin is one of my favorite tragic heroes, but I wouldn’t consider him redeemed he didn’t atone for his sins he just returned to the light side, and honestly thats getting away scot free considering he murdered billions of people at minimum.
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I still think that’s stinking thinking, regardless of how many images he has on here whether it has a peen or not, he is still a well beloved character all around if the fanart and even past cosplays is any indication. How much artwork he has doesn’t matter as long as you like the character yourself instead of how many others do.

I don’t know if this is unpopular, but maybe one reason Celestia was slow to give Twilight serious Princess duties is that when the responsibility for all of Equestria fell on her head at the beginning of Season 4… she blew it off and rushed straight to her friends’ sides to solve the problem as if she’d never been crowned in the first place?
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Hot take: Spike isn’t dumb. He’s a kid, and kids are prone to having faulty logic.
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