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I would agree it warrants criticism but the twist is overblown for one taking away a characters intentions and how it makes sense for discords character just because u dont like them or the intention is taking away from the complexity of the story. The story itself ofc doesn't paint what discord did as being in the right that what he did was reckless as hes truly called out for it and isn't forgiven until he endangers himself to help make things right.

Ofc at the same time it doesn't ignore that yes he did have good intentions that he thought he had the situation under control as a safety net and was trying to be a caring thoughtful friend in his own chaotic way of making sure twilight was truly prepared to rule a kingdom. Discrediting either takes away from the story as a whole imo.
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Yup, TFH Oleander.
I definitely could see a lot of arguments about dark magic and such, though aside from that, do you think they could be friendly rivals?
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What would the Mane 6's friendly relationship with the Fightin 7 be like?
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Well, i'm pretty sure the mane 6 would at least be aware that in Foenum, predators are the enemy, i don't think the fighting 7 would be slightly antagonistic, but different worlds, different views.

Speaking of which, imagine mixing these two worlds with a Ponies on Earth/Human in Equestria/Foenum story.
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Lately, AJ's tag has been pretty much overrun with AppleDash art, and I hate it.

It's like people think it's a canon ship or something.
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Most of the Appledash art seems to be coming from Asian fan artists, where the ships is actually really popular iirc
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Sunset, human Dash and human Twilight need to travel through Equestria for reasons and Sunset's trying to keep the trio hidden to avoid doppelganger shenanigans.
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