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Unpopular opinion time

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Tends to happen when her most destructively self-serving tendencies have passed by the end of Season 7, whereas by the same point, he hasn’t even shown his final form.
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It's not only her self-serving tendencies, is her overall attitude with basically everything and everyone in Ponyville that goes beyond season 7.

Starlight basically encouraged Twilight to reopen her new school that was shut down for valid reasons.

She told Twilight in a condescending way that she's not a princess-princess.

She blasted Discord to kingdom come for heckling her.

Despite considering Trixie one of her best friends, she traded away her home without her consent and gets angry at her for being upset about it.

And speaking about Trixie, despite considering her and Sunburst her two best friends, she constantly ignored not only Trixie, but also her goal to properly prepare a party for Sunburst.

Starlight's character is fundamentally toxic and unchanged by the end of the show, because she wants to do whatever she wants and wants to avoid any kind of responsability. And that's a horrible thing to do.

Many people would point out this attitude if she was Cozy Glow or another villain, because antagonists tend to have this behavior in kids shows. In a show where she's supposed to be one of the main characters, she's horrible. She's at the same level as Superman from Man of Steel or Leonard from The Big Bang Theory: Someone who doesn't question her ultimate decisions.
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Because the philosophy of the series shifted from morality and collective wellbeing to one's own will. It might not have been a conscious shift, mind you.
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I'm actually gonna list out Discord and Starlight's worst actions. Because the idea that Starlight has done worse things than Discord honestly gave me pause.

I'm going to try not to mention motives for any of these. Just the actions themselves. These are also all Post-reformation for both of them.


. Tricked Cadance and Twilight into doing things for them and lured them into getting attacked by a Taltzwurm.
. Betrayed Equestria by siding with Tirek to help him drain the magic from ponykind.
. Invited the Smooze to the grand galloping gala and stood by while it ran amok.
. Tried to banish Tree Hugger to another dimension.
. Befriended Twilight's friends for the sole purpose of messing with Twilight's mind and making her jealous.
. Sucked Big Mac and Spike into a dangerous DND world where both of them could feel pain and harassed them.
. Tormented the students at the School of Friendship and fucked with Starlight.
. Brought back Sombra and let him mind control the entirety of Equestria.
. Tricked the mane 6 into thinking he'd been killed.
. Brought back 3 other villains and planned an attack on Equestria, leading to them almost killing the mane 6.


. Mind controlled the mane 6
. Infected 3 ponyvillians with her anger.
. Swapped the cutie marks of Celestia and Luna without their consent.
. Lured the dread Maulworth back to the Changedling hive.
. Turned Sunburst into a child without his express consent.
. Was a general bitch to Trixie.
. Sold Trixie's wagon against her wishes.
. Forgot about her commitments with Trixie.
. Indulged Trixie's incompetence for longer than she should have.
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With only blasting Discord and selling Trixie’s wagon as exceptions- well, just the latter, really; Starlight was in the right when blasting Discord, and you won’t convince me otherwise- everything else is just grasping at straws, especially the last one. So if someone has multiple activities competing for their attention, they’re the bad guy if the activity they prioritize is work, to the point that friends in the other activity have to pressure them to take a load off? I hope I’m not expected to find a simple-minded complaint like that persuasive.

Many people would point out this attitude if she was Cozy Glow or another villain
Considering how many people I’ve seen go to bat for Cozy, as if she really did nothing wrong, that statement has virtually no credibility. You are literally the only person who’s explicitly made Starlight out to be the bad guy for prioritizing her guidance counselor duties.
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Unless Starlight has anything on par with the retardation that was ruining the show’s last season by pretending to be a major threat and releasing 3 major villains to “teach Twilight a lesson”, Discord is worse in by light years
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i like the coincidence that Starlight's cutie mark looks like an upside down kite.
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He actually released 4 villains. People forget that he brought back Sombra as well.

The finale is what everyone talks about, but lest we forget that he also signed off on Sombra mind controlling untold numbers of Crystal ponies and Equestrians, and was willing to stand by in order to teach Twilight a lesson.

Like, with the finale, it wasn't his plan for the Villain Trio to run amok with Grogar's bell. With Beginning of the End, he was making the choice to tolerate Sombra doing whatever he wanted in that story. It's made very clear that he could've stopped him at any time, but he just didn't.
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A good part about Sombra’s plot to enslave Equestria: he mind-controlled Starlight. No matter how one feels about her, that was some good contrapasso, and pretty much everyone agrees on that and/or was waiting for that to finally happen.
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It was certainly a delicious bit of irony and schadenfrued. Starlight met a bigger fish and got a taste of her own medicine. It's a shame there was no aftermath scene where starlight's all "So that's what that feels like. I can't believe I did that that to others."
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Enough about Starlight now. She's done. we'll most likely never see or hear from her again except in ancillary media like the comics. And even they have been using her exceedingly rarely.

Here's an unpopular opinion. Derpy hooves name is dumb and it'll never be used in media or in merch which limits her role and exposure. Woulda been smarter to Stick with Ditzy Doo. It nails her character and implies a relation to Daring Doo which coulda been a good story Hook.
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I think the rule 34 content MLP is the core of the MLP experience for me. It's both what introduced me to the fandom in the first place and it's mainly what I remember among fan content.

I don't know if that says more about me or the culture of the fandom. Maybe both?

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Bear in mind that "a nice person to know" and "a fun person to watch on TV" aren't necessarily aligning categories. For instance, I'd put Princess Cadance above pretty much all the Manes in the first and below them all in the second.

I'd still argue against both sending her to Tartarus and stoning her. (Perhaps not quite as hard, though.)

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Yeah, this is the bit that made me seriously wonder if the premiere was written already knowing the big twist or not…

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Well, Marie Antoinette was pretty much accused of things she didn't do. So I don't think that's a very fair comparision…

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I'll have to research her again, but I don't recall her ever being particularly guilty. She certainly didn't start any cults, or end op getting off lightly, so I really can't see the Starlight comparison at all.
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@Background Pony #6709

From what i've seen, more often than not, their main, when not only, line of defence for Cozy is her age. There'd be nowhere as many people defending her if she was Starlight's age, and nothing else changed about her.

Not true! There's also the complete mystery of her home life which easily could have ended up explaining at least some of her actions, and it's definitely irritating how few people consider it to be something worth taking into consideration.

And, of course, there's the fact that she was so callously thrown in Tartarus with zero due process because she was written off as irredeemably evil, which is just preposterous. Not to mention how she clearly didn't belong there in the first place since she doesn't have the raw power to pose a threat to Equestria on her own, and those sorts of threats are exactly what Tartarus is intended to contain. And we can't forget how it was LITERALLY NO ONE'S job to feed, water, or even so much as check up on her, given that her and Tirek's escape went completely unnoticed for so long. Sending a damn child there was fucked up beyond belief.

Oh, and I have to say that Cozy being a child is still a valid defense for her because she still has a developing mind.
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