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Unpopular opinion time

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The show has been notoriously inconsistent at defining Twilight and Spike's relationship in simple mother/son or brother/sister terms. There are a lot more nuances at play here, particularly in how Spike receives a sense of self-worth through being useful to Twilight. Still, what is at least clear is that they consider each other family, and Twilight bears responsibility for him. Beyond that, their bond cannot be explicitly defined.

It's also clear that a pairing between them would never happen.
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@Background Pony #7CFD
Ah we got a common dislike, true, the ship is overrated as heck, the ship was meant to be a joke Faust setup, which again, pointless, but other things in the show are good.

Season 9 ending is that they end up together without saying anything shippy, they also looking young while Mane 5 including Rarity gets old and might die a few years later.
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Sparity is such a strange ship to to me. It's almost certain that it wouldn't happen. And if events transpired differently no one would probably care about this ship.

Maybe it's the fact that it's almost impossible, that makes the ship so intriguing.

Sparity if it ever happened would only be possible once Spike really grows up and becomes his own person.

But I like to think Rarity isn't bothered by Spike's crush and she would rather let him decide whether to keep crushing on her or not instead of telling him. Maybe because she thinks its cute and even respects big nearly impossible dreams like that. Perhaps it reminds her of her own fillyhood.

Just my theories.

Well, it's unlikely because of their age, yes. But what was once an insuperable difference can become a lot less significant with the passage of a few years. My sister is dating a man over a decade older than her, and it's really not notable — ten years ago, he'd probably end up in jail.

And I find Rarity feeding Spike's crush and using it to manipulate him quite questionable.

@Dex Stewart
If not even more so. That in itself makes it impossible for me to respond positively to the idea of Spike and Rarity pursuing actual romance.

Scootaloo x Rumble also appears to run into this problem, though to a lesser extent: "Marks and Recreation" placed Scootaloo in what basically amounts to a caretaker role over Rumble, implying an age difference that would make romance at least somewhat problematic.

Though comic issue 81 had them working well as platonic friends.
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I used to think that Sparity would be a thing after The Secret of my Excess from the season 2. But I think Rarity should clarify it the same way that in the episode Into the Bunker from Gravity Falls. You know, that scene in the end.

Although it's still my favourite Spike episode and one of my favourite MLP episodes. The second half was absolutely great.
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@Background Pony #25AD
Rarity isn't that immature, don't insult her all because of Spike, I felt sick of that.

Btw I find Rarity hot as a lesbian.

And if Spike just stick to his main girl Twilight and no swooning at all, Rarity fanboys whom want her as waifu will less likely hate Spike for sure.
Background Pony #E848
And I find Rarity feeding Spike's crush and using it to manipulate him quite questionable.

That is why I find her hotter as a lesbian.

What about Twilight, his "bossy girlfriend that caused her boyfriend Spike to gain mild infidelity to persue other mares"?
Background Pony #E848
If Rarity raises Spike, can you still say the same that Sparity is incest?

By that logic you said, it should be incest.
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