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Nothing about fandom cadence is on the border of anything. Its pretty general consensus she’s about as far along the lust spectrum as anyone can get. But, yeah. I agree its mainly just fans being horny. Understandable really, even if I’m not entirely partial to it.

Snips and snails being dumb never bother me I mean I grew up on characters like ed from ed edd and eddy plus Billy from grim adventures of Billy and Mandy so them being dumb never really got me mad like how the rest the fandom does, I will agree they got better in later seasons with Buckball and I also feel besides boast busters there dumb antics never bothered me in there first couple seasons.
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To be fair, it’s pretty common in RL to portray the god/goddess of love (or all gods really) as being promiscuous.

True but I started watching the series later, so maybe that’s also why it didn’t bother, plus Snips and Snails didn’t appear as often as Spike or Big Mac.
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I didn’t say she was. I meant with how myths portray their love goddesses, it’s not that surprising the fandom would portray Cadence like that too.
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Lol Buckball Season was like the most inoffensive, safest episode in S6, especially when you consider 2 of the focus characters were having such a miserable season at the time
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Buckball Season is that one episode where I don’t know if I like it or no, no matter which way I look at it. It’s not as great as Gauntlet Of Fire, No Second Prances, The Saddle Row Review and To Where And Back Again and it’s not as bad as Newbie Dash, The Cart Before The Ponies, 28 Pranks Later and P.P.O.V. (Point Of View)

I like buckball season because it changed people opinions on Snails and his appearances in the future buckball episodes were great .

It’s a respectably solid episode, IMO - FIM shouldn’t do worse (but so often does). Although I still think they should have at least have been shown asking their unicorn friends - or even mentioning they had!
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Buckball season wasn’t bad, but it was very boring to me. After finishing it I thought “What was the point of this?”.
But still not bad. The worst episode is still Every little thing she does.

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Well a lot of people seem to have liked that they gave him that.no seriously at the time people were shocked, surprise and happy they gave Snails something else.
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